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To Eat Clean, Prepare to Eat Clean

Hey, What’s Up?

What happens when you’re hungry, running late in the morning? Most likely you grab something quick and easy (bagel, piece of fruit) or pick something up at a fast food drive-thru – none of which is healthy.

What happens when you’ve got dinner out during the week? Chances are you decide to “treat yo’self” and have that cocktail, or that pasta dish, or that dessert. Or even worse, all three!

What happens when you’re on a business trip, on a plane or in your hotel room, and you’re starving but you won’t be able to get a meal for hours? Most likely you will scarf those bags of airline pretzels or raid that hotel room mini-fridge full of expensive chocolate goodies.

There’s gotta be a better way.

And there is–you KNOW there is!

The Key to Eating Clean is Preparing to Eat Clean

Before you walk through the grocery store, really think about your food needs for the coming week. Do you need to buy the basics for a healthy breakfast? Lunch? Snacks? Dinner?

You make the best breakfast by PLANNING AHEAD to make a healthy breakfast: 
– Choose healthy foods that you ENJOY and that are protein-rich to help keep you satisfied until lunch.
– Take time to meal-prep a week’s worth of breakfasts at the beginning of the week, or take time the night before prepare breakfast for the next day.

You avoid the temptations of a restaurant dinner menu by doing some homework:
– Look at the restaurant menu ahead of time to pick out some healthy items.
– Plan to avoid putting yourself in a situation of drinking alcohol; for example, order a tall club soda with lime right away.

You keep yourself from indiscriminate eating while traveling for a business trip:
– Grocery shop specifically for the trip so you have enough healthy, portable snacks to bring along.
– Google grocery and health food stores near your destination before you leave, so you have options other than hotel food.

You may not like these suggestions because they require you put work in ahead of time. Trust me, I get it; it can be a pain to constantly “check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

But the key to eating clean is preparing to eat clean, so that you’re in fewer situations that will compromise your plan or allow you to fall victim to temptations.I know you’re busy, but you have enough time to prep your eating ahead of time – if getting in the best shape of your life is truly something you value.

So start small. Focus on breakfast, or if you’re fasting, the first feeding of the day.

For the next week, have a plan for what you’re going to eat and make it happen!



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