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Take it on the Chin

Happy Monday!

My friend called me last week and surprised me with tickets to the big fight in Las Vegas! It was extremely generous of him–all I had to do was fly there, so I was in!

My flight was to leave Friday around 4 pm in Boston. I decided to have an Uber pick me up so I could get work done in the car and not have to worry about parking.

I’m VERY strict with my time, always attempting to fit in as much as possible in whatever time I have which often pushes me to the last minute. So, I ordered the Uber for 1:00 pm, figuring it would get me there right before 3:00 pm to check in.

The Uber driver was late, asked me where I was going, and then refused to take me there.  What?? The flight was out of Logan, which I clearly indicated as my destination when I booked the trip in the first place. But he left and I had to call another driver. And I got charged for the refused ride–grr!

The next Uber took 10 minutes to arrive.  I knew making my flight would be close, so I put my head down and checked into my flight.  After I was done, I picked my head up and saw us going in the opposite direction of 84 E! If you have ever traveled with Uber, you know their GPS can be a bit shady sometimes.

So now we’ve traveled 15 minutes in the wrong direction and I’m already leaving 30 minutes later than I had originally planed.

I’m not going to lie, I was pissed.

“That first Uber driver….”

“Why are the Uber GPS’s so bad…”

Wah, wah, wah.

Then of course going through TSA (the entire line let me cut which was much appreciated!), my bag was stopped, put through the screener twice, then hand-searched. Ha ha–you can’t make this stuff up. And it was my protein powder that set off the machines off, how shocking.

Thankfully, I made my flight – BARELY! I arrived only 3 minutes before the gate closed but as luck would have it, the flight had been delayed a half hour.

As I started to reflect on the last two hours, I realized what a brat I was being and resolved to take it on the chin. If I missed the flight, it would have been my fault. I should have given myself more time to get to the airport, knowing that the transportation was out of my control. I should have paid closer attention to where we were going, because the directions get messed up every time I use Uber from my place.  None of it should have been a surprise.

It’s too easy for us to blame others. It’s scary how justifiable it feels because it takes the focus off our own mistakes/errors.  Not to mention, misery loves company. The more you’re around people who complain and blame, the more likely you are to do the same.

But playing the blame game is like running with your feet in cement—you don’t get anywhere.

This is not to say everything is always your fault; people mess up all the time. But the more you can take it on the chin and take ownership of your role in a situation, the sooner you become a better version of yourself.

I use to have a real fear of making mistakes and bad things happening. But I’ve been through enough crap to realize that there’s nothing to fear.

Shit happens. But it’s going to be okay.

Rather than psych yourself out, just go for it.

So what if you fall flat on your face?

Guess what, you can’t fall off the floor so what else do you have to lose?

You can blame and continue to be mediocre, OR you can take it on the chin and own the challenge.

I love this quote:  “There is only winning and learning.”

You want to sculpt your arms and shoulders?

– It won’t happen unless you’re willing to fall while learning to do full push-ups.

You want to get in the best shape of your life?

– It won’t happen unless you find your edge…that point beyond where you think you can push yourself, the final tipping point right before its just too much. You can’t find your edge by making excuses for yourself why you can’t do XYZ or why XYZ didn’t work for you.

You want to become the best version of yourself?

– Accept responsibility and take ownership for where you are right now. Stop blaming the government or your parents/spouse/boss/friends. Communicate what your goals are to those involved, get better, work harder, and recognize it’s going to take time to get there.

Only you hold the key.

Today, I ask you to think about a situation recently where you were blaming someone or something or yourself:

Did you fail?
Did you learn?


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