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It's Okay to make slow progress

Happy Monday!

One of my biggest struggles as an entrepreneur is caring too much about helping our clients; in other words, getting them to “buy in” to the m.e.l.t. workouts, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. I obsess over small details to make everything right for them and get frustrated when they don’t respond and feel like we’re “chasing” people…when our goal is always just to help.

On the surface, it might sound like a good problem but I don’t think it’s healthy. And when I can put it in perspective, it’s not rational.

When it comes to fitness, I don’t just believe but KNOW with complete clarity that it’s a journey. Intuitively, it just makes sense that daily it’s a struggle just to get a workout in (for a number of reasons), that when we hit our goals we’re satisfied for two seconds then are onto the next, that unexpected injuries happen, that we can’t just work out for 6 months and expect to be good for life or can’t just work out and not eat clean and expect to have the body you want…to me, it’s as clear as day.

But to our clients, I see them struggle to understand that fitness is a journey….the same way I struggle with how to help more people more effectively.

I don’t have all the answers.  All I know is that every day I have the control to wake up and do my best with what I got…

– with the resources I have
– with the time I have
– with how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally

…and that it’s OKAY.

That’s the thing – the message I want you to hear today…it’s OKAY.

I see so many people get frustrated over little detours along their fitness journey as I see myself get frustrated over trying to make sense of how to better help you and more people like you get to point A to point B along your journey.

In the grand scheme of things, dealing with stubborn belly fat or struggling with X movement, and for me not always knowing the best way to utilize my talent and all the opportunity out there, are actually gifts, NOT problems.

Problems are waking up without being able to move OR not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.

We’re lucky get to play this game of life on our terms by being able to chase our own goals.

I want you to know that you’re doing just fine. Could you be doing better? Who knows…but don’t put that on yourself.

Just take a breath. And know that as long as you get to wake up each morning with the ability to move in a country with freedom to move, it’s going to be okay.

If you’re struggling with something right now and would like to talk, I would love to help. Text me at 860 918-3057 and if I’m free, I’ll call you and we can talk for a few minutes.




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