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Metabolism Manipulation

Hey, What’s Up?

It  sounds so devious but it’s true…there is a way to get your metabolism to burn more calories–other than the m.e.l.t Workout, of course.

The best way to burn off calories from cheating is through fasting. Not to say you should fast every time you cheat – that’s silly. “Cheating” should be a scheduled and controlled part of your regular routine and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

But let’s say you’re on a serious plan with a specific goal, but it’s your birthday or you randomly have yourself an unexpected indulgence. You can actually get your metabolism to burn off those additional calories or manipulate your metabolism through fasting.

I’d highly recommend you do a 16-24 water hour water fast, following these guidelines:

  • If you’ve never fasted before, I suggest you do it on a day off from both work & working out.
  • Have ONLY 1 coffee (or as much herbal decaf tea as you want) – that’s it!
  • Drink 1/2 to 3/4 x your body weight in ounces of water during your fast.
  • If you feel light headed or really “off,” stop the fast and eat a small, well balanced meal.
  • Have mouth wash handy!!! Take a swig and swish it around as long as you can whenever you get cravings.

Bottom line is that YOU shouldn’t feel guilty for eating off program every now and again. But if you cheat more than you had planned, metabolism manipulation by fasting is a tool you can use to minimize damage.



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