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What to Eat Before a Workout

Hey, What’s Up?

It’s crazy to me that most people spend more time picking out what they’re going to wear for a day or an event than they do thinking about what they’re going to eat!

Look good, feel good – I get it!

PEOPLE:  to truly look and feel good – what you eat and how you train matter most! Clothes are just icing on the cake.

From time to time we get people who come to m.e.l.t. for the first time and underestimate the intensity because our large group workouts are only a ½ hour. They are in for a huge surprise when the first beep sounds, and sometimes get light-headed and woozy.

By the way, these are NEVER beginners who get light headed—they are always people who’ve attended other gyms.

What To Eat Before a Workout?

Before any first-time fitness endeavor, whether first time or a hike you’ve never done, you should ALWAYS eat before the event; about 1-2 hours.

  • Before Fat Loss Workouts:

If you train in the morning, you can train in a fasted state but it’s not something you need to do or might be a good fit for you.
A good snack before any workout is raw nuts or Greek yogurt. If you’re unsure what to do, eat before rather than fast.

  • Before Strength Workouts:

If the goal is strength over fat loss, you should eat before your workout – especially our M30 Plus Small group Strength training for people of all levels.

Because my goal is strength, here’s what I eat before:
– Any gluten free carb source: Multi-grain pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, sprouted bread – I enjoy these carbs, believe you me!
– A protein source: generally 2-6 eggs.

  • What About Pre-Workout Drinks?

I think most are garbage. However if you’re going to do one, I recommend Energize which is one of the better options I’ve found. BUT don’t make it something you become dependent on when you just need an occasional boost. Click here to check out some samples.

*** WATER *** is the one liquid you absolutely MUST drink before you train! At least 12 ounces!

  • After ALL Workouts:

I have a protein shake within 30 minutes of training for optimal recovery.



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