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5 Healthy Snacks for the Road

Hey, What’s Up?

As amazing and beautiful this weekend was, it was a business trip for me which means my diet shouldn’t change much.

Shoot—it’s challenging to eat clean when you’re home, let alone on the road!

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that every challenge heightens when I’m away from home. Me, I’m hungrier and get more cravings–which makes preparation that much more important!

The best healthy snacks are those that don’t need refrigeration, so you can bring them with you on the plane and keep them in your hotel room. Don’t forget, you can do some modified “grocery shopping” as well. Don’t limit yourself to the hotel store; Uber to the nearest grocery store or corner bodega and pick up whatever healthy snacks you need! Make sure to check food store availability before you fly out, especially if you’re in a remote area or random city. There may not be an option to purchase food near your hotel; you may have better luck near the airport.

5 Healthy Snacks You Can Take on the Road:

  1. Grass fed beef jerky
  2. Avocados
  3. Apple with almond butter (Justin’s makes single packets which are great for portion control – for people like me with #peanutbutterproblems)
  4. Raw nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts) – make sure they are NOT salted/roasted!
  5. Shakeology: I legit had multiple protein bars in my hands in the grocery store, but the reality is bars just aren’t as healthy as nutrition shakes, period. With a shake like Shakeology, you get basically all nutrients and nothing else. With bars (even if they’re of the “cleaner” variety), you get the nutrients, plus whatever holds the bars together and allows them such long shelf lives.



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