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Knocking Out Monday

Happy Monday!

The other night I was coaching m.e.l.t. boxing at our Glastonbury studio (m.e.l.t. boxing launched Tuesday by the way!) and I came across something I wanted to share.

Boxing is FUN and amazing stress relief, but one aspect that needs to be made clear is that it’s a skill.

I do my best to preface every class that if this is your first time boxing, you’re going to feel a bit awkward at first and not to judge it.

When I hold mitts for members, when a person struggles with a punch or combo, they often sigh, drop their hands and mumble to themselves. My goal as a coach is decrease that self pity as quickly as possible “It’s okay–let’s go again, c’mon!” As the member stops thinking as much and just keeps punching, they get better!

In every m.e.l.t. boxing class we see people’s skill improve like clockwork; from the fundamental block in the warm up, to round 1 of our workout through round 3. It’s a beautiful thing!

How you get better in boxing is no different from anything else in life – there’s always a starting point where you will feel awkward. That is, if you are regularly pursuing your goals. It never ends, once you reach a goal or come close to it, there’s a whole new set of challenges. This is what living is all about!

When you hit a crossroad you can either allow self pity to control your life; or recognize awkwardness & challenges are part of the game, take a breath and keep punching. It still amazes me to this day all the m.e.l.t.ers who have the courage to push back their comfort zone, whether in boxing, learning to deadlift, or just getting started on their goal. I’m truly grateful to witness it.

Complaining is another form of self pity. You’ll end up in a perpetual state of unhappiness if you’re feeling bad for yourself and/or blaming others.

You are imperfect, as am I and every other human who ever existed so don’t judge yourself for what you “can’t do,” “don’t know,” or need help with.

“Cant do” & “don’t know” are in quotations because they’re temporary states – you are NOT stuck unless you in prison yourself within these labels.

Starting today, reframe both your mindset and how you talk about your abilities:

  • Instead of: “I can’t do a pull up” →  “Currently, I am working on my pull ups.”
  • Instead of: “But I don’t know how to do X” →  “I am learning how to X.”

What do YOU need to reframe your mindset on?




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