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Compared to What?

Happy Monday!

Last weekend I was listening to Joe DeFranco give a talk at an event I was speaking at (567 Academy) and he referenced a quote that instantly put it all in perspective for me. Joe DeFranco by the way, is a legend in the strength and conditioning world who pioneered so much of how top fitness professionals (myself included) program & think about performance, from training  NFL athletes like Brian Cushing, to WWE Triple H & his wife, to men/women athletes of all levels. Joe is going to be on the Fat Radio podcast tomorrow (10/14) so make sure to download and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Going back to the quote, it’s in reference to dissatisfaction with where you are right now in fitness, business, or personal life: “Compared to what?! It could always be worse.”

Does that not put EVERYTHING in perspective?

  • “I didn’t lose any weight this week.” Compared to those who are people who are paralyzed and will not be able to move easily the rest of their life, suddenly the 1-2 lbs. is less critical.


  • “My life is a mess and nothing makes sense.” Compared to the thousands of people who live on the streets, you are lucky to have so much opportunity and structure in your own life. Personally, I’m sad to admit I used to think that these homeless people should just get a job…but I’ve grown to understand that unfortunately for 95% of them, it’s just not that easy. There are LAYERS of emotional issues/mental diseases at play and society just doesn’t have an answer for it. It’s not a new problem, and not just a problem in the U.S. It’s a part of life that can and should be improved, yet will always be there in some respect. Knowing that, it’s important to treat the homeless with dignity and respect and offer them a few bucks to ease their hardship.


  • “My finances are a train wreck!” Compared to the average ANNUAL income in the world (that’s yearly, people!) of less than $2000, you can be grateful you live in America and have lots of opportunity to do better and earn more.

Realize that no matter what adversity you’re dealing with, someone else has overcome the same thing and they are no more privileged than you are. I’m NOT belittling your issues; just helping you put them in the proper perspective.  Believe me; nothing is bigger than you and what you have inside.

This is not to say we should just accept things as they are. But to truly move forward in a sustainable way, you need to practice gratitude for where you came from and where you are right now.

You can’t “win” the game of the have/have nots. There will always be someone bigger/stronger/leaner/younger/more fit/successful—and you’ll always want something you don’t have.

As humans, we are blessed with consciousness or the ability to be aware of our surroundings, to understand, think and feel. This gives us amazing compassion and love but it also gives us the challenge that we’re never good enough. It’s a challenge that doesn’t ever just go away.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know people from all walks of life. Some of those people’s lifestyles would make you envious. Yet they deal with same challenges you and I do….just at a different scale and often times worse.

That’s life. Bitter–sweet…drawbacks–benefits…challenge–reward…nightmare – dream.  It’s always push–pull.

So what can we do? Since there is always a negative and positive, there’s only one solution – to be grateful for the moment, where you are right now!

Because it could always be worse…




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