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How to Get Unstuck

Happy Monday!

It’s overwhelming when you start something new or you fall out of a routine. You will have more questions than answers. You will doubt if you can, doubt if you should, and will wrestle with the question “How will I xxx? “

Run The Next Play!!!

Paul Reddick uses a football analogy of “Run the next play.” In football, if a team loses yardage, gets tackled, gets sacked for a loss, turns the ball over, or the other team scores – the best thing for that team to do is just focus on and run the next play.

If you watch football, you see examples of teams who “Run the next play” and teams who stay stuck on the blown coverage, fumble, or (you name it).

It’s the teams who “Run the next play” who are the most successful. Over time, these teams develop a story of always running the next play which breeds a confidence so that when adversity hits, they don’t give up or feel bad for themselves, they have faith in the process – the process of running the next play.

Teams who don’t “Run the next play” respond to adversity with a different story – “Here we go again,” or something of that sort. Does that sound familiar? Have you found yourself identifying with a negative story and accepting it as “The way it is?”

Here’s the thing: it’s NOT “The way it is” and you can get unstuck.

You think you’re stuck because you’re running the same program/story in your head. It’s the same as bingeing on a TV show series on Netflix, the episodes will play and replay automatically; then you’ll find another show to do the same.

But look, I get it. If a sad story or “losing” is all you know, then it’s extremely hard for you to break that pattern, so you get caught in the illusion of being “stuck.”

The former St. Louis Rams (now the LA Rams) were at the bottom for a very long time. Until one coach came in, started posting empowering quotes around the facility, and set Super Bowl goals. That team went on to have one of the best offenses ever, win a Super Bowl, and go on to another. Their story changed.

I couldn’t squat or ever run again. So said my orthopedic surgeon and the pain I was feeling daily. Then BJ Gaddour challenged me and that led me down a path to find another way. I now squat, run and wake up pain free most days. The cold weather and my arthritis don’t go well together but even now—because of the mobility I’ve learned and the time I’ve spent working on it—my arthritis isn’t nearly as bad it would otherwise be.

I was stupid, had trouble learning, could barely talk to strangers and wasn’t going anywhere until I got my first A from staying after school to do extra work. I realized I wasn’t stupid; maybe school didn’t come easy, but I could succeed with extra work!

And that’s no different from the hundreds of middle-aged Moms, who have so much working against them. Because those Moms:

  1. Build muscle slower with age
  2. Lose fat slower with age
  3. Have a slowing metabolism with each year passing
  4. Endure mind-boggling body changes before/after childbearing (both physically & emotionally)
  5. Suffer hormonal spikes/lows and still more body changes during menopause

Those 5 things all take a big toll on the body! And we’re not even talking about the daily pressures & stresses of life that all people endure. But our m.e.l.t. Moms persist and succeed despite that story. No, it’s not as easy for them to lose as it is for men. No, it’s not easy to lose weight after having kids, or while in the middle of menopause. But they get unstuck, keep going, and put in the work!

So How do YOU Get Unstuck?

Press STOP with the story. And go run the next play!

If you were watching a TV show and it was awful, you’d change the channel. Well this is your LIFE — so why not change to something you enjoy or that inspires you?!

If you were to fall down, literally right now, the first thing you’d do is go to get back up. Here’s what’s interesting; every one of us fall. Those who train their bodies and their minds get back up much faster. Those who don’t stay down longer and have trouble getting back up—and that becomes both physically and mentally debilitating.

Don’t get lost in the what/where/when/how. What’s one thing you can do today?

And who can help you?

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. If you’re local to Hartford and don’t come to my Pain Free Seminar on 12/2, you’re crazy! It will be a game changer for all – trust me.

Don’t give me, “I’m going to wait until after the holidays.” You are better than that. If you don’t think so and are stuck right now, your next play should be to respond back to this email. I will make time to hop on the phone to help you get unstuck. No strings attached.

The clock is ticking.  What’s your next play?




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