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5 Truths About Feeling Overwhelmed

Happy Monday!

The other day I was listening to an interview with Joe DeFranco (who was recently on the Fat Radio podcast) and Jeff Cavaliere of ATHLEAN-X. They were talking about running a business and Jeff said something along the lines of:

I could work for a month straight without sleep and I still would have more to do. It’s never-ending; you just have to accept it and be disciplined enough at times to turn it off for the night.


From an entrepreneurial standpoint, I can truly relate to that statement! On average, I work 12 hours each weekday and on most weekends. I absolutely love what I do and accept the workload because I am fully aware of what my crazy appetite for ambition requires, but at times I get frustrated because I feel like I am always behind.

Do you ever feel that way–overwhelmed? Like no matter how much you do, there’s still plenty more and you didn’t even get everything done?

I can only imagine this is the story of every parent’s life…

But why I share this with you is because there is a deeper, more profound takeaway from what Jeff was talking about. In fact, five things come to mind that I’ll share below.

Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, High-performance roles – every pursuit in life that has real meaning will always have more you can do. That doesn’t mean that you must or should do more.

I’d argue that the aspects of life that bring about deep fulfillment are designed in a such a way that there’s not supposed to be an end. It’s the chase for the end that gives us both the challenge/support and highs/lows that allow us to continue to grow. Striving for an end will only lead to you becoming overwhelmed.

“The end” in this case, is just an illusion.

How Can You Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed in Your Roles & Pursuits?

  1. You’re not suppose to do it all. – each day, do your best with the resources you’ve have.
  2. You can’t control what factors get thrown ON your way (not IN your way); you can only control your actions each day.
  3. No baby ever in the history of mankind came out of the womb walking without ever learning to sit up, crawl and fall. You should not expect to bypass the necessary steps of growth along your path.
  4. At our core, we are all the same. Everyone has struggles and ultimately everyone just wants what they believe is best.
  5. When something ends, it births new life to something else.

We all share the incredible gift of perspective. The sooner you build upon this dialog and start to challenge the “negatives” and “shortcomings” in your life, the quicker you will find the silver lining and the easier the journey/process will become.

Just keep stepping forward, one small step at a time!

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