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3 Tips to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever Goal

Happy Monday!

The start of a New Year is an exciting time. We get a clean slate, 0-0 record at whatever goal we are working towards, and can essentially start over as whatever happened or didn’t happen the year before no longer matters.

Around this time, there is a lot of talk about goal setting. Personally, my beliefs around goal setting are mixed. On one hand, I believe we need goals to set us on a path towards where we need to be, but on the other hand we can get too tied into details that undermine our chance for success; for example, insisting on an exact goal in an exact timeframe.

I’m a fan of setting emotionally rich, detail-specific goals so we can better visualize success.  Putting a time stamp on it makes a goal become more real, but we must remember that regardless of the outcome the process is all that matters. Even if you achieve that goal, you’ll be happy for two seconds and then set another. Ultimately, the outcome doesn’t matter because the process is where you learn, grow and develop.

As you begin to reflect on 2017 and plan for 2018, consider the following:

1. Do what YOU SHOULD DO: Sometimes when I talk to m.e.l.t.ers about their goals, they’ll tell me an arbitrary goal and when I ask “Why?” they want that goal, there is no actual reason other than they think it’s a good goal because others have set it. What is in your heart? Don’t be afraid to let it out because when you have deep intention you’ll dig deeper to make it a reality.

2. Embrace a “What can I do today?” .vs. a “How will I get there?” mentality: When you break down your goal into actionable steps, it’s much more doable. If you want to lose 20 pounds, your diet, lifestyle and workouts must change–but systemically. For instance in our 20 lb. Challenge, first you attend an orientation to decide if you are ready to commit, then you attend a nutrition orientation to learn what to eat, then you go grocery shopping, then you prep your meals for the first week, then you do your first workout, then your second workout, and so forth.

Remember, it’s a big deal until it isn’t. Meaning, it’s a big deal when you think about it in your head but then as soon as you get into it, you realize it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Think of an event in your life that you stressed over big time.  And then it happened and it wasn’t nearly that big of a deal. Use that as evidence to help you “believe.” I see this all the time when m.e.l.t.ers first start– the thought of running a 5k or doing a push-up seems astronomical; then they end up doing both with much more ease than expected. Do not count yourself out before you start.

3. Affirmations: If you tell yourself something over and over, you will believe it. You’ve heard the old adage but it’s true, if you keep saying you can’t and pontificate on how bad everything is, that will be your reality. Whereas, if you affirm what you want to happen daily, that will be your belief system. Your mindset has no filter, its going to believe what you tell it. Why not affirm; “I am XYZ (your goal)” and “2018 is going to be the best year ever.” Affirm when you are motivated, but especially when IT hits the fan. Affirming 2018 is the best year ever is actually true no matter what happens, because it will be the current year and you are still alive. Think about the alternative…

Do NOT wait until 1/1/18 to get started. Starting today does not mean you need to punt the holidays.

Dedicate time today to think about the 1-3 goals you want to do/accomplish in 2018 that are most important to you and let’s start attacking them. TODAY.

We are here to help! Feel free to respond back and let me know how I/we can help.




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