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What's Left Over?

Happy Monday!

No, I’m not talking about left overs from a holiday party. Quick word of advice: politely refuse to take home any party food left overs as they spell trouble! Trust me I know the struggle, especially when you know what’s left over will otherwise get thrown out. Personally, I hate seeing food wasted!

What I’m actually talking about today is in the form of a very important question to you:

What is left over that you needed to do or wanted to do during 2017?

Your left over could come from any of the following categories:

  • Tasks: Actual things you need or want to do. This could be everything from your end of the year numbers to that dream vacation you want to take.
  • Material Goods (Stuff): What do you really need? How much of your clothes and/or belongings do you actually use? There’s something incredibly freeing about creating more space in your life by getting rid of excess.
  • Removing Negative Relationships: This one is tough because it’s probably negative people close to you who are bringing you down.If it’s family members, consider limiting your exposure to them, such as fewer visits and/or shorter phone calls. If it’s coworkers, minimize contact and keep it professional. If it’s friends, just cut contact. The reality is you have your own baggage; you don’t need to carry anyone else’s. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

From there, it’s important to categorize your wants/needs:

  1. Time Sensitive – actually needs to be done by 12/31/17
  2. You still want to do it, but must develop a plan to make it happen for 2018
  3. It would be cool to do, but it’s not in your heart/gut

1) If Time Sensitive:

  • You need to make it happen.
  • Go to a quiet spot, turn your phone off and hammer away at it
  • Wake up one hour earlier or stay up one hour later each night this week to get it done.

2) If you still want to do it, but need to develop a plan to make it happen for 2018:

  • If it doesn’t need to get done over the next week, take a breath and instead of stressing over it, focus your energy into planning for 2018.

Ask yourself: what needs to happen for you to accomplish XYZ?

  • How far away from this goal are you?
  • What is a reasonable time frame for you to hit this goal?
  • And MOST importantly, what behaviors have you demonstrated to show that you do in fact value this goal?

Let’s build upon that last point. Its one thing to say you want something, but if your actions don’t map; that is, if your behaviors don’t align in the direction of that goal then you don’t actually value it.  So rather then put yourself through hell, ease off and let’s put it into the next category:

3) If it would be cool to do, but it’s not in your heart/gut:

  • Don’t worry, this is not a “now or never” thing. But we only have so much capacity; the more clouded your mind is and the more energy you spend on stuff you don’t value, the less capacity you have for what is truly meaningful to you.
  • There’s no shortage of opportunities and cool stuff to do – don’t feel guilty for what you put in this category.
  • You’ll find yourself less stressed and freer.
  • And don’t forget, nothing is permanent so it can always find its way back onto your to do list.

I know the last few weeks of the year are a grind, but take time to do some personal inventory.  Your life is too valuable not to!




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