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7 Questions You Should Consider

Happy Monday!

I was cleaning through some stuff and found a bunch of my old goal setting cards from over the past several years. Re-reading them reminded me about how powerful it is to write down your goals and what you want to happen.

This might sound like a waste of time, but trust me it’s not. Even when you don’t accomplish your exact goal, you’ll be amazed at how close to it you get, and what happened as a result of your pursuit.

Not sure how to begin the process of goal setting? It starts with answering some personal questions; questions that will make you think honestly and openly about what you want out of your life this year.

Seven Questions for Goal Setting

Go to a coffee shop or quiet place and answer (hand write) the following questions:

1. I am __________ {state your goal as if it were the present tense}

2. Why are you here? {what are you put on earth to do?}

3. Who are you here to help?
For those of you who aren’t directly in the business of helping people or who don’t have kids, know you are still here to play a role in many people’s lives. Just think about your daily interactions.

4, What do you want to be? {whatever you write here, be bold!}

5. What do you want to do?

  • Personally:
  • In your Relationships:
  • Professionally:
  • For your Health:

6. What’s your theme word for the year?

7. What’s your vision statement for the year – what will YOUR 2018 look like? Be descriptive!

Life is too short not to become as much of yourself as possible. Taking the time to seriously think about and answer those questions will help you reach fulfillment.

How can we help? Please, respond – this is what we are here for!

And for m.e.l.t.ers; we have some great opportunities for you to get off to a great start in 2018!

The first week of the year: Come in with the answer to “I am—-.” In South Windsor & Glastonbury, we’re going to have markers for you to write your power statement on our i.m.e.l.t. boards so it can be a reminder every time you’re in.

OH and our Red Carpet Ready Challenge?!  Fuggedahboudit! This is more than our usual challenge; we’re doing a Facebook LIVE Nutrition Orientation, giving you a Sunday bonus workout you can do at home, and MORE! The best part is, it’s free with the purchase of a m.e.l.t.y’s ticket, which is the party of the year! Don’t worry, you will know plenty of people there – trust me we see it every year and sit you by studio or by request!

To the best year of our life! 


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