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Not Cooking Today

Hey, What’s Cookin’?

If you are like much of the population today, the answer is “Not much!”

New Year’s Day is traditional for resolutions–and hangovers. Even if you only had “just a few” drinks all New Year’s Eve, you may still find yourself not in tip-top shape this morning. And that’s because of lack of sleep, dehydration, and hypoglycemia (a deficiency of glucose in the bloodstream)  all take their toll on the body.  And if you DID party hard last night, you’ve also got to cope with the side effects from excessive toxins (ethanol) found in alcohol.

“What’s the best cure for a hangover?” is a topic of much discussion, accompanied by lots of personal anecdotes. Some people swear by cheeseburgers, some think french fries are the ultimate cure, others take cold showers, and some insist that lots of black coffee cures all. Some people even think “the hair of the dog” (drinking MORE of the same drinks you had last night) is what’ll cure you–but that is one “cure” most assuredly won’t cure anything!

Despite all the myths, legends, and anecdotes, hangover “cure: amounts to these basics:

  1. Re-hydrate your body: Plain water is what’s called for here. If you were an animal on the dance floor last night, feel free to sip one bottle of an electrolyte-replenishing drink, such as plain coconut water or Gatorade. But water is THE liquid of choice today–you need it for re-hydration as well as flushing the toxins out of your body.
  2. Re-establish your blood glucose levels: Some fresh fruit juice will help balance those blood sugar levels quickly and competently. That doesn’t mean you should suck down the entire carton of juice, though–a couple of 4-ounce glasses several hours apart is really all you need to balance your blood sugars. A green smoothie, with both greens and whole fruits, would be even more helpful, as the greens and fiber will help regulate your body’s absorption of the fructose. It all depends on if your stomach feels up to some greens!
  3. Clear that head: Have some coffee or tea if that is your usual morning drink, but make sure you add in extra ounces of water to make up for the diuretic effects of the coffee.  You should try to drink .55 x your body weight in ounces of water today (and every day). That’s a lot to shoot for, but it will give you a goal. And isn’t that what the New Year is all about–setting and achieving goals?  So start with an important one–water!
  4. Quell that queasy stomach: This is where a lot of folks go crazy with the greasy, salty foods; they believe the grease helps “coat” their stomach and the salt somehow settles it. Greasy, fatty foods aren’t a great idea any day, but especially today, because your liver has already suffered enough from last night’s alcohol. And grease/fat will not “coat” the stomach walls–that’s pure myth. However, grease/fat will indeed slow down digestion–and that’s not what you want.  A little extra salt, on the other hand, is not a bad idea because it will make you thirsty and make you want to drink more (just make sure that drink is WATER, and not soda). Try sipping a few mugfuls of piping hot chicken or vegetable broth–you get your liquids and salt in one shot.
  5. Get your nutrition:  If you’re finally feeling like you could handle more than tea and broth–instead of downing a gazzillion fatty, salty calories from a gut-busting, fast food burger and fries in the name of “hangover cure”–whip up and sip some Shakeology shakes for your body’s nutritional needs.  Protein shakes keep it easy on your digestive system and keep your intake clean so your body can get exactly the nutrition it needs today.
  6. Rest: As much as you can, when you can–of course it all depends on your life and obligations! But rest is essential to help clear your mind/body–try to work in a 20-minute catnap to refresh yourself.

Keep it light and simple today! Your body and mind will thank you by being raring to go on January 2!



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