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From Stuck to Unstoppable

Happy Monday!

I shared a reminder on my Instagram account (@joecarabase) the other day that really seemed to resonate with a lot of people:

“Reminder: Nobody has their shit together.”

In world where the tendency for all of us is to want to make ourselves look as polished as possible on social media, the reality of is all of us struggle on some level.

YES – even that person who you think has it all together and has the perfect life; they struggle, too, Everyone does–it’s part of life. However it’s those who don’t stay down who are most successful. They take control or live what is referred to as the “Owners” mindset.

But where most of us screw up is think our life is so hard and our struggles are so unique; AKA the “Victim” mindset.

The byproducts of the Victim mindset are anxiety, living in fear, and illogical thinking. And that’s where we become stuck, because when we’re so focused on our emotions, all we see and think are worst case scenarios.

The first step to get unstuck is to realize this truth and not be so hard on yourself.  The world is not coming to an end. Everything is fine. Take a breath. Someone else in an equally tough or worse situation has overcome this–and you can too.


To Go From Stuck to Unstoppable:

  • Face your emotions and let them go.
  • Reflect on what just happened and ask yourself – where is the learning in this? REMEMBER, there are benefits & drawbacks to EVERYTHING.
  • Write down everything that comes to mind. For example: From this I learned…To prevent this from happening again, I should…
  • Start writing all the action steps you can take to move forward. I was interviewing my friend and motivational speaker Geo Derise the other day, who said something to the extent of, “Often times we get so overwhelmed with the max that we don’t do the minimum.”  Well, forget the “max!” The more unemotional you can be here, the better.

Search for the minimum in the most literal sense. Ask yourself,  “What can I do next? What small steps can I take immediately?

Maybe it’s getting out of bed, taking a shower, putting on your workout clothes, making one healthy meal, searching for a professional who can help & scheduling an appointment. Think SMALL steps here.

A lot of us don’t realize it, but whether positive or negative, we have momentum. When we feel stuck, the momentum is going against us. ACTION – going on offense – changes the direction.

Being stuck is a CHOICE.  So choose not to be!

If my team or I can better help in anyway, just hit respond.




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