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How to Build More Confidence

Happy Monday!

Confidence is something we all start off with as babies. Shoot, babies will cry and go to the bathroom anywhere, no matter who is looking.

They don’t know limitations or overthink anything. They learn to crawl by crawling and learn to stand by standing then walking. There’s no fear of failure, they just do it. When they fall, they get back up (or try to) and do it again.

But this changes as we get older. We start to create our own limitations and doubt. To make it worse, certain people in our life can make us even more self conscious.

You’ve always had confidence, sometimes it just gets buried by your own self-defeating limitations. But it never really leaves you.

Confidence is like a switch you can turn on at any given time.

Confidence is About Perspective and Awareness

Perspective is understanding that there are likely thousands, if not millions of people who have overcome a situation similar to whatever obstacles you perceive are in your way. Your (our) problems aren’t unique. Even though at times it can feel like the world is plotting against us and nothing is going our way, everyone deals with some sort of adversity.

Awareness is when you recognize and acknowledge any and all progress you make along the way. Too often, I see people make the mistake of getting bogged down by the negatives of what they don’t have or can’t do—and totally overlook all the positives of how far they’ve come.

Confidence is like a muscle – you can build it at any time. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. The biggest change comes from the sets where you want to quit; where it’s burning but you keep going because on the other side you realize that whatever it was, wasn’t as bad as you thought and you are still breathing.

99% of most things you want to do, you can do. Remember, someone else (likely worse off than you) has done it so you can, too! If you don’t believe me, lie to yourself that you can, keep telling yourself over and over, and it will become so familiar that your mind will start to believe it. And once you recruit your mind, actions follow and when actions follow, change happens.



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