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The Simple Formula to Success in ANYTHING

Happy Monday!

Do. Monitor. Correct. Repeat.

That is literally all you need to do, ever, to get to where you want to go.  But then why is it so hard for us?

From my personal experience and professional experience coaching thousands of people, there are 4 “friction points” at which we get stuck, and which do not allow us to finish the formula and get the results we seek.  Let’s examine them.

Friction Point 1

Friction point 1: “Do.”

Nike is spot on with their slogan. It’s just not that simple. I’m fascinated by the concept of this “protective area” around where we are and where we want to go.

It’s invisible and can be as hard to break through as we allow it to be. Outside your own world, most often the limitations you perceive don’t actually exist and if they do, they’re a fraction of the challenge you perceive them to be. But what happens is we build up these fears and self-imposed limitations. We feed them more and more energy to the point that they become crippling.

So to “Do” you must first accept this truth – whatever you want is possible and getting it will not be as bad as you think.

Think about it like knocking down a wall. You don’t just walk up to one with a sledgehammer and start swinging. You must first prepare by checking it for load bearing, disconnecting the electricity, checking the walls for ducts/plumbing, and then start plugging away–one swing at a time.

How do you start?

  • Prepare: What basics must be covered? Send the email, make the call, set out your workout clothes, set the alarm, get up, drive to m.e.l.t. and so forth.
  • Start: “Swing” and chip away. What comes next? If you’re not sure, seek out a coach who can provide some guidance.

Friction Point 2

Friction Point 2: “Monitor”

If you are “monitoring” it’s actually impossible to plateau in anything. Oftentimes people think they’re plateauing just because they haven’t yet reached the result they are working towards or they are measuring only a very small part of the equation.

I see this all the time with weight loss. Most weight fluctuation is a function of water/bloat. The scale not moving isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you lost a lot of weight at the beginning, it’s likely because you were really bloated from your lifestyle decisions. The more fit you get, the less extra weight there is to lose. If you’re in a game changing program like m.e.l.t., you are constantly reducing body fat and increasing muscle which doesn’t necessarily make the scale go down, even though you are losing fat.

MONITOR all things NOT just the scale! Look at your daily progress – what did you do today to move closer to your goals? How were your workouts, how do you feel, what were your meals, how’s your water consumption, energy, are clothes fitting better or not at all because you are getting leaner, etc.

You need to be honest with yourself here too, you can’t look at all the things you are doing for your weight loss and be deliberately naive about actions that undermine your efforts, such as consuming alcohol (yes even one glass of wine at night), munching on snacks after dinner, and so on.

Friction Point 3

Friction Point 3: “Correct”
I firmly believe if you are taking progress towards your goals by answering each day what the best thing you can do to move closer to where you want to be, then you can’t plateau. HOWEVER it doesn’t mean there’s not a better way. Periodically, we have to correct our course to make sure we stay moving in the right direction.

I see this with fat loss. People lose a lot of weight, then feel like their progress stalls. So we “pop the hood” and discover that they’re not eating enough calories to map to their increased muscle mass, or they’re working out the same amount or at the same intensity. We then “Correct” their course by upping their calories and increasing the intensity of their workouts. Those two simple course corrections are usually enough to reignite the fat burn and restart the weight loss.

Unfortunately, not everything can be measured objectively – so much of it is how you feel and look, which is why it’s important to factor in ALL variables not just the ones you want to see.

Friction Point 4

Friction Point 4: “Repeat”

Health is about persistence more than anything else. It’s ironic: I’ll have a conversation with a super successful who does very well in their professional life but complains about their kid expecting a job to fall on his lap without putting in the effort.

When just the other day, this same business professional was complaining about the scale not moving, yet was not working out regularly and had made no significant changes to their diet.

Or people who complain about being in pain or not recovering; yet, when given the opportunity to get educated on what they can do, they ignore it.

It’s the same situation. To get ahead in anything your expectations have to map your behaviors.

What you do from here is on you and you alone. And that’s a good thing, trust me. I’ve witnessed first hand what it’s like when you lose your ability to go out and do what you want to do.

Take a breath and put the “simple formula to success” to work!



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