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7 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Happy Monday!

Anxiety is something we all have. It’s unavoidable. While there is no way to prevent it, there are some things you can do to reduce it, as follows:

  1. Avoid Triggers
    • Having anxiety about having anxiety is very common. Don’t judge – just follow the steps below.
    • Other triggers could be certain people places or things.
  2. Journal
    • What’s in your head is 10 times WORSE than reality.
    • If you don’t let go of these thoughts, they will manifest into actions you’ll take that will cause your concerns + fears to actually become reality.
    • A “brain dump” is the cheapest (it’s free) yet most effective form of therapy you can take.
    • Just write whatever is on your mind without judgment.
    • It’s a good daily practice to do journal first thing in am, before bed and whenever you get anxious or fearful.
  3. Meditate AKA Breath Intentionally
    • There are many ways to do this but here’s a quick n easy one:
      • Sit comfortably in a quiet place
      • Breath in for four seconds, pause for four seconds and exhale for four seconds; repeat for four cycles.
  4. Drink .55 x Your Body Weight in Ounces of Water
    • It’s been said 1 million times in these emails, but are you doing it?
    • Water helps all systems inside your body to function and gives you vitality.
    • Sugar and “no sugar” sodas/juices & alcohol as well as caffeine can actually worsen what you’re feeling.
  5. Eat Green Leafy Vegetables
    • When you eat “comfort food,” you may feel better for the moment but will feel worse after. When you eat fresh veggies, you feel vital and clean.
    • Antioxidants will help fight the stress that is going on inside your body.
  6. Get Your m.e.l.t. In!
    • Or as we say, “m.e.l.t. away the crazy!”
    • The positive hormones will combat the negative feelings you have and give you a great way release stress!
  7. Take One Step Forward
    • Nothing feels better than progress.
    • What’s one small thing you can do?
      • If its work related, what’s the next step?
      • Is there an email, text or call you should make?
      • Or perhaps it’s just spending 5 minutes journaling on all that you’re grateful for.

Anxiety is necessary part of our makeup as it protects us from real danger. But sometimes it’s hard for our mind to distinguish real danger from basic everyday stresses of life. Put these steps into action to reduce anxiety – they work!

And remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We got you!




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