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How To Win The Day

Happy Monday!

Recent studies have shown that how you start your day will determine the type of day you have.


While I do believe you should start the day off with something positive before anything else, I’ve found you don’t need a strict morning routine in order to have a great day.  I believe “Winning the day” means starting with something that is going to lift you up spiritually, mentally or physically; followed by a few minutes here and there throughout the day, doing things that fill you up & make you feel good.


Personally, I’ve found there to be 7 things for me that if I do, I’ll have a fulfilling day. If we are not intentional about how we spend our time, we are at the mercy of the universe for happiness & satisfaction–and the universe isn’t always in a giving mood. This is not to say you have to drop all your obligations and focus solely on yourself. Rather, you should make some time for activities that are going to lift you up inside so you feel good and can be your best for everyone else in your life.


I’m going to share the 7 things that I know if I do, no matter what happens, that I’ll have an awesome day. These are merely examples, to help you find your own 3-7 things that fill you up.


Seven Ways to Win the Day

These are in no particular order because you need to stay flexible in terms of which rituals you practice, and when.  The stricter you try to make your list, the less likely you will be to perform it. For example, some days I do mobility first thing in the morning. But if I’m up at 4:30 to coach it’s just not practical to do mobility, so I instead focus on being present as I head to the gym.


  1. Work on Mobility: If you want to get in the best shape of your life, you need to give your body the maintenance it needs. You can get away without it for a period of time but eventually your body will break down. If your joint & tissue quality is not good, you’ll hurt yourself and be forced to rest. Some days I hit a mobility session for 5 minutes; other days it’s 45. I know time is always an issue, but do what you can–something is better than nothing!


  1. Read: This may sound ridiculous, but as someone who grew up with little self-confidence and was bullied into thinking he was stupid, I’m blown away at the fact that you can literally educate yourself on any subject, gain knowledge, and be able to use that knowledge for good. I get giddy just thinking about it. It would be incredible to be able to read for an hour each day but more often than not it’s only 20 minutes and sometimes, it’s just a page. Yes, one page. On days I can’t seem to find any more time or my mind is racing with all that I have to do, even reading just one page is a huge psychological win. When you think about what’s on your list, remember some days you may only be able to “read one page” but that is still progress!


  1. Be Active: This generally takes the form of a m.e.l.t. Workout or M30 Strength workout, but can also be a bike ride or sometimes just a walk. Even if I’m traveling, finding a way to add some movement into my day is a game changer. Similar to reading one page, a quick workout always trumps no workout!


  1. Move Closer to Big Goals: Some days progress doesn’t show up on the score board, but as I’ve learned through the years it doesn’t have to. Sometimes just stating your goals to the universe helps keep you going in the right direction. Be wary of huge “To-Do” lists. You may think they’ll keep you focused, but they can become crammed with busy work that has nothing to do with your goals. Sometimes, you need to temporarily forget about Big Goals–and that time would be vacation. The hardest part of a vacation for me is feeling that I am not taking action towards my goals. I have to remind myself that the only way I can continue to move towards those goals is by taking the time to rest and relax. When I’m recharged, I am even more committed!


  1. Connect: Whether it’s with MK, a family member, friend, client, or stranger, I’ve found taking the time to connect with people fills my heart. My natural tendency is to put my head down and work–but without that person-to person connection, my heart stays empty.


  1. Contribute: I believe my gift/mission/purpose in life is to connect with others and empower them forward. Thankfully, social media has made this extremely easy to do each day. I do miss the in-person connections I make through coaching and with the m.e.l.t. community at our studios, which is why I am super excited to get our Florida location up and running!


  1. Be present: Mindfulness is something we need in our always-stressful lives. But it doesn’t have to mean the stereotypical seated, cross-legged meditation pose for 20 minutes. While classic meditation is great—and I do think everyone should meditate—sometimes I practice mindfulness when driving early in the am or later in the evening. I turn off the music and just let my mind be free and wander and reflect on the day; I think about how the day’s events make me feel, and what I can learn from it. At other times it’s about just not thinking at all. Some would call this mindlessness, but I believe that we are so connected to electronic devices that we are over-stimulated. It can be truly meditative to simply avoid all stimuli and focus on one thing, such as driving.


Again, I’m not saying to do ALL these things ALL the time. I do strongly recommend you find 3-7 things that fill you up and do not revolve around the internet, TV, or alcohol.

Life shouldn’t just be “just another day in paradise” or churning the hamster wheel and just going through the motions. Start to live with intention. Make time for things that fill you up so that you’re not just emptying your soul. What you’ll find is not just more fulfillment, but also more energy for the stuff you have to do.







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