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Half-Pregnant .VS. All-In

Happy Monday!


I haven’t created or started anything new in a while–mostly because I wasn’t ready to.


Early on in my career as an entrepreneur, I would write a book at the drop of the hat. Literally, I’ve written 5 books. There were two, Get Dress Ready and The 1 Hour a Week Workout that maybe 10 people (combined) have ever read.


This is because I was half-pregnant in my approach to both.


I got excited about writing a book on a topic, but didn’t fully commit myself to do what was needed to get the book out there. These books are just one example but it is something I struggled with OFTEN throughout my entrepreneurial journey.


There is no such thing as being half-pregnant. You either are or you are not. And there’s so much power in that. You must be either 100% committed, or completely uninvolved.


I’ve learned that saying “no” to people and ideas is both acceptable and a powerful tool. That it’s better to say No and remain uninvolved (and not get half-pregnant) if it’s something you can’t go all in with. And if you do decide to do something, to give it everything you have and see it through.


Because of that experience, in the last few years I’ve worked to be more focused on going deeper rather than wider; improving upon everything we have to offer rather than creating and offering more.


At m.e.l.t. I always feel like we are just getting started because in my mind, the goal every day is to be better than yesterday and to continue to stay ahead of the fitness industry, as we have been doing since Day 1. While we are not perfect, I am very comfortable with where we are at, pumped with where we are going, and finally ready to create – to go all in with something that will only benefit everything else we are doing.


Ready to Create


Last week I signed a lease to open up our first ever out-of-state studio!


It will be called “In 30 Fat Loss.” It’s too long a story as to why it’s not “m.e.l.t.” All it means to our Connecticut m.e.l.t.ers is that now you have a familiar place to work out while on vacation in Florida!  You KNOW I want you all to come and check it out—it’s YOUR studio, too!

I’m ALL IN with continuing to improve our m.e.l.t. locations up north and at the same time developing a new model with the same values, just a slightly different look (you know–like siblings!) down in Florida. And I’m more ready and excited than ever.

But this isn’t just announcement. I’m giving you that back-story to provide a context for what I really want you to take away.

Social media has connected so many and yet caused so many great disappointments. Because it’s easy for us to see what someone is doing or posting about, we start to think that we should do that or have that as well.  So we make a feeble effort at doing or having that thing too–in other words, get half-pregnant–but we don’t go all in, because on a subconscious level we actually don’t value it. So we end up not getting the result we thought we would.


You MUST consider that just because something sounds good, doesn’t mean it right for you and your values. You must get comfortable with admiring a goal someone else is working towards and/or accomplishing, and also be peaceful with knowing it’s not for you because it’s something you don’t truly value committing to.


And when you DO find something that you truly feel is right and you really value it, go do it/get it with everything you have!










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