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A Message You Need to Hear

Happy Monday!

On paper, Connecticut is SUPPOSED to have four seasons of the year. Each season brings about (sometimes really crazy) changes in weather, different holidays, and different types of events.  You don’t need much awareness to know the season changes as these things naturally happen.

But when it comes to you—if you’re not intentional about what you’re working towards—you will end up running in circles on the hamster wheel where, regardless of  the weather or season, your efforts will effectively get you nowhere.

I believe self-awareness is crucial to success in anything. It’s such a simple concept and yet so many of us lack it. First of all self-awareness is not part of any school curriculum that I know. And parents can’t teach it to their children when they themselves have not been taught.

Self-awareness comes down to answering these questions:

  • What makes you tick right now?
    As you grow, you take on different roles, experiment, and continue to learn what makes you tick. The answer to this question should change over your lifetime because we should always be learning, growing, changing, and taking on new experiences. Yet it’s important to take stock and know what makes you tick right now. Because those are your reasons for striving the best you possible.
  • How is what you are doing today benefiting what you say you want?
    Are your behaviors mapping to your expectations? If you say you value fitness, are you getting it done every day? If you value health, does your eating support that?
  • Are you chasing a unicorn that doesn’t exist?
    “Chasing a unicorn” means living based on a fantasy. For example, thinking of only the upside/benefits of a given goal. Or seeking something only because your friend/neighbor/family member/social media person is doing it, or because society has led you to think you should do it.

I’ll never forget at the Grand Opening of the very first m.e.l.t. studio, a client said to me, “You’re so lucky to have found what you want at such an early age!”


I was 22 at the time.  Sure, at the time I followed what my gut & heart told me. But in the almost 9 years since, I’ve learned that there is no single career focus you’ll have in life, just as there’s no single fitness goal you’ll chase throughout your life.  I guess my main point is that like anything else, it’s an ongoing process, so don’t pressure yourself so much on knowing the exact thing. On today’s “Fat Radio” podcast, I share some personal stories about this.

You can also use lessons from the past to help determine what’s good for you to focus on right now. NOT as a way to pity yourself and feel bad for yourself, but to see what you learned about yourself and how you grew because of what you went through.

Get off the hamster wheel; life is too short. What is most important to you right now? What’s the best thing you can do today?

How can we help? This week at m.e.l.t. we are launching a super innovative class—unlike anything that is out there—that been really fun for us to program!  We coaches love providing you m.e.l.t.ers with new challenges that fit a wide spectrum of fitness levels.  Our goal of keeping you from getting stagnant keeps us on our toes, too!

Re-start the process—TODAY is the perfect day!




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