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Our Interesting Human Experience

Happy Monday!

It’s an interesting time to be a human.


It’s easy to say “This is the world we live in these days” but I’d challenge you to think about it from a different perspective. Sure, there are bad and crazy things going on every day, but that’s not new.


Throughout history, dating back all the way to the first human beings, there has always been bad/evil people & things happening. I’d argue that the only reason it seems worse is that we are just more exposed to it now.  We have a device we carry everywhere and look at hundreds of times a day, a device that keeps us updated on more things than we could ever want or expect to know even 12 years ago.


In our “connected” world, it’s too easy to disconnect from what makes us human; love, community, & growth. We get caught up—at least I know I do—in the day to day stressors and frantically try to keep up in this fast paced society that we forget those basic, vital human needs.


When life is urging you to “Go, Go, Go!” every single issue you encounter seems critical.


But are they really?


What about an athletic kid who gets bone cancer out of nowhere and has to get his leg amputated? What about that kid’s family? By the way, this is the true story of this year’s ambassador for our annual m.e.l.t.ATHON event (get more info at )


I’m sure Kyle’s Mom Marci would tell you that much of what was stressful before Kyle’s diagnosis is absolutely trivial now, as there are far bigger fish to fry.


And that’s what I encourage you to think about as we go into this week.


You can absolutely count on things going wrong, people annoying you, and other irritations happening every day….this stuff is a part of life. And it’s not that they shouldn’t bother you (I certainly get annoyed by them!) but what if we could be more aware that those things don’t actually mean all that much?


Meeting Kyle last week made a huge impact on me.  He inspires me with his attitude and positivity. When I think of Kyle and others who have life-altering events happen, I remember very quickly not to sweat small daily stuff.


As humans, we will always be irrational and lose perspective at times. The key is you must quickly get back to the right state of mind.


Life is a gift.  We need to respect, cherish, and make the most out of each day.








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