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Taking Back Control of Your Inner Dialog

Happy Monday!


If you were on your deathbed, which do you think you would regret more:


Constantly putting yourself down and being a victim of your circumstances?




Making a conscious effort to filter out the negative in your inner dialog, taking ownership of your situation, exploring why you feel a certain way and taking action to improve your circumstances?


Les Brown said, “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled…all because someone was too afraid to take that first step…


Humans are imperfect beings. Consciousness and emotions are two of the greatest gifts we have; without them, we’d be robots.


But with the ability to think and feel comes the challenge of controlling our inner dialog; an inner dialog that has become increasingly critical as we are bombarded with negative headlines everywhere we turn.


To make matters worse, society tells us we are broken. The narrative is always about getting more of “something” (like money) or getting rid of “something” (like weight). When the conversation is always outcome-focused it’s no wonder why we are always searching externally for a solution.


This is why so many of the richest people in the world are the most miserable. And why some of the fittest people you see are often the most self conscious. Because as ideal as being rich or fit might appear to be, when the focus is outcome-centric you’ll always be chasing and seeking more.


I mean, if we just felt X…or just had Y, we’d be good right?




We can’t fall victim to that fantasy or else we will end up in a nightmare.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s sensational to achieve what we think we want. But once we get it, we’ll just want to move into the next thing.


The Real Work We Need to Do is Internal.


Sit back and observe your thoughts.


  • Why are you getting these thoughts?


  • Why do you keep feeling a certain way?


  • What do you perceive you lack? What is that linked to?


It’s important to know that you are not your inner dialogue, but if you allow it to marinate (or fester!), that inner dialog will manifest into reality.


Given that, do you see just how critical it is to make your inner dialog a positive one?


It’s the ole catch-22. But the good news is, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!


The bad news that there is work to be done but while the work we do on ourselves is some of the most difficult, it’s also the most rewarding.


This week, when “IT” hits the fan, remember that you are in control and take back the wheel. Make your inner dialog a positive one!









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