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Clues & Omens

Happy Monday!


The other day I finally had a very specific piece of wall art installed. It’s nothing insanely crazy, but something different that I’ve been visualizing for a while. In my head, I could see the end product but it sounded kind of weird when explaining it as I couldn’t necessarily find a direct visual to share my vision.


While I thought it would look cool and make one think – I honestly had no idea. Not to mention it took nearly three months to actually get it up, just because of everything else going on.


Basically, the idea was to put a big gold empty frame on the wall and have a short, strong and meaningful quote painted on the wall within it.


I know what you’re thinking; it’s nothing ground breaking and it’s not that big of a deal. While I agree it is not ground-breaking art, I would argue it is a big deal.


While the art itself may not be a big deal, to me it’s a clue, revealing itself, that this new studio is going to be what I dreamed it would be.


When I’m opening a studio, I plan for the basics: marketing, financials, and equipment. But I also plan the vibe, the cultural feel–because that’s what makes any place special.


I’ll only sign a lease if I can truly visualize a vibrant facility, no matter what it looks like when we take over.


I share all of that to provide context.  When you start off with a vision–a goal for what you want to happen– it’s often a LONG process before you actually achieve the desired outcome or come close to it. And it can get very frustrating if you’re not “seeing” progress. Not all progress is visible or obvious.


While things are coming together great here, (the cultural feel is growing into something special – just like the one with our #meltfamily), we are just getting started. There are many layers that we need to build upon but hey–that’s the journey.


You can’t just hurry up to the end.


With every journey, you can rest assured it’s going to take longer than expected and stuff is going to happen that you cannot predict.


So search for clues and omens to show you that you are on the right path.


Clues are tiny things like actualizing wall swag (like my wall art) or your clothes fitting better.


Omens are signs that guide you in a certain direction. Sometimes these are physical things you can see, but most often they are something you hear or feel. With the new studio, it’s seeing complete strangers—who would have otherwise never met/talked to each other—sweating & smiling next to each other.  Seeing them feel comfortable and looking forward to working out means everything to me.


If you’re working towards something of great meaning to you and are taking small steps forward each day, these clues & omens will reveal themselves – you just need to be alert.


Too often we get caught in wanting to arrive NOW! That’s like wanting to land in the city where your vacation is before you even book your flight. Sure, that would be cool but it’s not possible!


Or we become fixated on the superficial; things like money, a 6-pack, or looking like the celeb of the moment.  When there’s no real meaning, there are no clues & omens. That’s why so many superficial pursuits are short-lived.


Today I encourage you to open your eyes.  If you’re putting in the work, the clues & omens are waiting for you to see. And if you haven’t been putting in the work, it’s very simple….




If I can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.







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