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Expect the Unexpected

Happy Monday!


Life: It’s not a matter of if but when something happens that we don’t expect and/or don’t want.


That’s not a pessimistic outlook, it’s realistic. Life is not a fantasy or a dream of endless good times. Life consists of both the good and the bad—you should expect a mix of both.


How best to cope? “Always expect the unexpected” is a truly helpful outlook to adopt.


When you expect the unexpected (roadblocks, tough times) and you equip yourself mentally, you’ll be able to better dig yourself out of whatever hole you find yourself in and walk away exponentially stronger than before!

Those unexpected times are simply one part of the human experience.

So how can we better deal with those unexpected times?


  1. Get busy, don’t “keep” busy: Rather than distracting yourself with mindless tasks, get busy exploring why you’re feeling a certain way and where that feeling is coming from.Constant activity during tough times is nothing more than a distraction mechanism; it gets your mind off whatever is going on, but does nothing to fix it.
  2. Seek solutions within: Past experiences and your personal values (which are usually related) shape your perception of reality. To make a change or stop feeling a certain way, you’ve got to look within and challenge why you feel/think a certain way – even if you think you’re right.
  3. Accept the drawbacks but know they’re not permanent: I don’t know if you’ve ever hit a true low point. I certainly have and the biggest thing I learned was that when you’re broken, lying naked on the floor – there’s only one way you can go, UP!  You can’t fall off the floor!  And that’s good news because no matter what happens, you are equipped to overcome and you CAN overcome!
  4. Face your fear: Take a pen and paper, write down every fear you have regarding a specific matter or life in general. Then next to each fear (X), answer the following question honestly and fully (it’s gonna take some effort): If X were to happen, how could that benefit me and my highest values?
    This is a TOUGH exercise but if you’re honest & open, you’ll find it to be a game changer!



No matter where you’re at, I’ve seen enough to know that you are exactly where you need to be right now. Most often the reasons are not clear as to why; you’ve got to have faith that the process will play out because it will…ONLY if you put in the internal work.


And if I can help, please reach out to me w/ your phone number and I’ll reach back.










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