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On today’s episode of the fat radio podcast, Joe interviews “the Achievement Mentor,” former Mr America and best selling Author Tom Terwilliger on how to build a new mental blue print; how to reframe the negative inner voice and reframe bad experiences from the past so they can empower you into the future, how to use declarations to fuel your purpose and much more!

Key Takeaways & phrases from today’s fitness podcast:
Build a new blue print
Recognize the inner influence that dictates actions and results
Know there is an inner negative coach who is there to protect you but can also move you away success
How does your inner voices speak to you?
Make a declaration of something that resonates with you – speak with emotion and feel it; something that is inline with you goals, opposite of what a bad experience would be or vicarious modeling
Reframe bad experiences to become a gift to you and a guardian to others
How can you use your story/struggle to become a guardian for others?
A struggle can be a reason to be down or a linchpin for empowerment
Take negative thought, imagine what the opposite would be, model that and set a declaration
“Do” then “Believe”
Take opportunities to list victories (everything you can think of)
Use past victories as evidence to use towards future goals /challenges
Daily recognition of what you did today, don’t fret over what you didn’t get done just make that the one thing you need to do first tomorrow
Taking time to write a list is a win

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