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You know there are two distinct view points on whether working out in the morning is better:

View point 1: Working out first thing before you eat utilizes stored carbohydrates and fat for energy, thus allowing you to burn the calories rather then store it.

View point 2: Your metabolism needs calories upon waking up to keep it moving and prevent it from slowing down. Therefore you need to eat first thing.

My thoughts : Unless you are taking in less calories then you should, your body should have stored energy that can be used to workout first thing in the morning. Most guys don’t have a problem taking in calories, the more common problem is taking in too many calories.

Especially busy guys who don’t have time to eat all day, by the time they get home their body is fuming and they end up overeating. If you fall into this category, you’d greatly benefit from an early morning workout. You’d also greatly benefit from the Ripped Man Diet!

As I do agree that eating first thing in the morning is important for most people, I’d argue that if you are working out first thing, your body is naturally going to metabolize stored calories to working muscles. Movement and muscle contraction will awaken your muscles and send a signal to your body for blood flow, nutrients and oxygen – all factors that keep your metabolism moving.

If however you wake up and go right to work, then the aforementioned point of a natural spike to your metabolism through movement and contraction is out the door. Simply putting on your clothes and walking does not fall in these “movement” and “muscle contraction” categories.

What works for me

Recently I heard my friend and top fitness mind 7 Figure Sam Bakhtiar speak at Paul Reddick’s GFGI Seminar. Sam had talked about how he wakes up at 3 am, every day! If you don’t know Sam, you should look him up He’s an extremely high achieving dude and a true stand up guy in our industry.

This got me thinking…I typically wake up at 7 am or 6:20 depending if I have clients on that morning, then I either start cranking away at work or coach clients. Now you might be thinking that sounds late, but I wasn’t getting to sleep until 11-11:30 pm but I’ll get to this later on. Days I work first, I find my productivity levels aren’t as high for the first hour of work, as my brain takes time to wake up and get into the “zone.”

I typically workout at 3:00 pm ish or 7-8 pm ish depending on the day but I do not recommend the inconsistency for most people. I’m a workout nut case and rarely ever miss a session so it works for me. I find for most people marking a specific time in their smart phone or calendar works best.

Anyway, I figured if Sam is waking up at 3 am, I need to man up and get up earlier. For the past few weeks I’ve started waking up at 6:00 am and working out first thing. Ever since, I’ve had more energy and feel great through out the day. The best part is, I can fall asleep at a reasonable time and actually sleep through the night, something I had problems with before. I contribute my past sleeping issues to working late and keeping my mind up late. I’m an intense and passionate guy, once my mind is working it doesn’t just shut off.

My new schedule allows me to get more done earlier, so I finish sooner (that’s what she said). As far as my early morning workouts, I use to hate the thought of cranking intense workouts early in the AM. I’ve learned that this was some lame perception I blinded myself with because my workouts have been better then ever.

6 Key Things That Work for Me in the AM

1. Wake up get your clothes on – no snooze! Read my daily affirmations and declare what I’m excited about and what I’m grateful for.

2. Drink 18-32 oz’s of water and head to workout.

3. I’ll eat ¼ cup of raw cashews or almonds on the way to my workout.

4. Perform a full body warm up, fusing together yoga, mobility, stability and dynamic strength movements.

5. Put my ear phones on and focus on nothing else but me.

6. Have a post workout shake and another 18-32 oz of water.

7. Attack my to-do list or as I call it, my “Kill list,” and get shit done.

What works for you?

What currently doesn’t work for you?

Comment below, I’m interested to hear from you and help you out any way I can.

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