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We all like to assume that Michael Jordan was born the greatest basketball player of all times….this however is a complete fabrication.

Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team …. wasn’t even recruited by his top school(he wanted to go to North Carolina State) or drafted number one! Sure he has natural size and athleticism but so do millions of other athletes. The difference is he was the hardest working athlete, perhaps in the history of sport.

In high school he use to leave the house at 6 am to go practice before school…

In college he was constantly working on his weaknesses and would prepare year round…even immediately after the last game of the season…

As an ALL NBA player, he continued working hard at practices and through out the off season.

“Ive missed more than nine thousand shorts. I’ve lost almost three hundred games. Twenty six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.” – Michael Jordan

Clearly he didn’t quit when things got tough and let life play itself out.

We are all capable of taking charge of the process that brings success in all aspects of life.

In nutrition, this means eating right 80% of the time and drinking right 99% of the time.

With your workouts, this means stepping outside your comfort zone and getting coached through intense workouts…NOT walking on the treadmill or sitting on a machine. This also means working out when you are dead tired, life is hectic and you think you have no time.

I bring up Michael Jordan here as an example of someone who dealt with adversity, just like all of us. He’s human. Too often, we look at people who are successful or fit and think it was easy for them to achieve – this is hardly ever the case.

Results take hard work and persistence.

Understanding this will lift you up when times are tough.

Take charge of your body NOW.

In doing so, YOU will serve as inspiration for people…people will look at YOU and think wow, he/she is so lucky. But we will know the truth and that is you worked your butt off…and there is no better feeling in the world than accomplishing something meaningful.

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