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I often hear clients tell me how hard it is to eat healthy but it’s really not all that hard if you have the right approach.

3 Ways to Stay Engaged to Eating Healthy

1.     Plan: Grocery shop weekly, block out 1-2 hours on Sundays getting food ready and/or 15 minutes each night and pack your food daily.

2.      Rotate meals/snacks: Yes chicken, eggs, almonds and spinach are healthy but even the healthiest of eaters with a wavy mullet (yours truly) gets sick of eating the same thing. The reality is there are PLENTY of tasty and healthy things you can rotate in, I outline them all in my “how to eat” blueprint section of 1 Hour a Week Workout, if you haven’t yet check it out.

3.      CHEAT! Don’t get me wrong, you can’t just eat whatever and whenever…your cheat meal should be calculated. In the right plan, a cheat meal disrupts your metabolism (forcing it to elevate) and mobilizes calories to your working muscles. Not to mention who doesn’t love pizza, pasta and other high carb awesomeness?

Today I wanted to share with you an under the radar snack that you can carry anywhere, that’s not the same ole almonds.

Raw Pumpkin Seeds baby!

·      High protein

·      Good fat

·      Low overall calories

·      Provide a “salty” flavor to fulfill the taste buds that would normally crave something crappy and heavy in salt. Note raw pumpkin seeds should be unsalted, meaning there’s no additional salt. For whatever reason, these seeds have a saltier aftertaste (in a good way).

Unless you are allergic to them, TRY EM! Do not carry any preconceived notions about whether or not you’ll like them.

Who knows, you’ll probably love them and carve pumpkins to cook your own this fall. Or just buy them from the store, either way different is good – give em a whirl!

If you are really feeling wild, try this obscure healthy snack

Have an AMAZING weekend and make sure to get the body right!

To Getting you in Awesome Shape,


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