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I was staying at a friends in LA while out there for a seminar and thought of you as I saw him cook his eggs…What do you use to grease your pan before cooking on it?

Years ago when I had very little knowledge on nutrition, I used butter…then I learned that Extra Virgin Olive Oil was healthy to eat so I started using that. Not so much!
A few years ago as I was studying oils and fats I learned that as Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very healthy oil to consume, it’s chemical bond gets compromised at mid to high heats. This turns the healthy fat into a trans fat! Trans fat is one of the worse things out there; clogs arteries, breaks up fat mobilization among many other things.
Since then,  I’ve been preaching this to my clients and discuss different ways around it in my online products.
In 1 Hour a Week Workout, you get all my ninja secrets and more on how to eat healthy when cooking at home and on the road. If you haven’t yet, check it out here.
What to use
Coconut oil! It smells amazing and is chalk full of good fats. You’ll see it has a few grams of saturated fat and that’s okay. Saturated fat only gets a bad rap because of its  relationship with trans fat and inactivity. When saturated fat is away from trans fat and you’re active, the fat content works for you!
Just make sure to get unrefined. Anything refined means processed!
You can find Coconut oil in the whole foods/health foods section of your average grocery store or with oils in Trader Joes/Whole Foods.
Have a great rest of your day!
To getting you in Awesome Shape,
PS: Coconut oil smells amazing too! For more amazing – healthy ways to eat/cook, check out 1 Hour a Week Workout.

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