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In Body Pain Part I, I made a reference never stopping to workout with an asterisk and here’s why:

If you consistently (every week) train three or more times a week for six months straight at a high intensity, your body needs a week of recovery without working out. Any thing less e.g working out for four weeks a time and taking random weeks off or working out just twice a week does not require a full week of recovery.

Recovery is only needed when it’s earned.

As you know, muscles grow during recovery. Typically, you would allow  2-6 days of rest in between working specific body parts but if you are constantly cranking three or more workouts a week of intense training, the body needs more.

I know what you are thinking…I can’t take a week off! Trust me, I know. I LOVE training but just because you are taking a week off from your typical workout routine, does not mean you do nothing, eat what every you want and get sloppy.

Not a chance in France.

Instead, like everything else your recovery week should be programmed. It should include:

·      SMR or “self myofascial release”

·      Low intensity cardio

·      Yoga

·      Eating rules that are congruent with your lower energy expenditure.

Starting tomorrow I am taking a full week off and will be documenting my entire recovery week, to make available for you to get once it’s over.

Have you been training hard (3 or more days a week) for at least six months straight? When is the last time you took a week off?

I GUARANTEE you, if your body deserves a recovery week (from the standards above), than you will build more muscle, shed even more body fat and be pain free without training for a week if you follow the right recovery program.

You will come by refreshed and ready to kick butt even harder.

A lot of people we know suffer from the issues I solved above and/or use them as a crutch or an excuse, let’s help them out and shut them up. Forward this email and share a link  on your facebook/twitter.

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