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Hey whats up, 

As a former athlete who had three ACL reconstructions and chronic back pain due to irresponsible squatting as a youth, my body hates me at times.

Crushing a high intensity leg workout with plyometrics and dancing my face off last weekend at my friends wedding don’t help either. Typing thousands of words and creating stuff on my lap top all day, every day, plus about a thousand weekly push-ups lead to several wrist issues too, from excessive flexion of the wrist.

That’s my story…I’m sure you have a lot of old injuries and chronic pain too.

So, what do you do? Stop working out? *HELL NO (I include an asterisk here because you should stop working out at specific points, I’ll discuss this in the next email). But the truth is if you stop working out, barring no significant injury, you will feel worse: ·

You will star to lose muscle tissue, which will put more pressure on your joints + ligaments·

You will feel lethargic and have less energy·

You will start to feel down about your stress and bottle up stress SCREW THAT!

How to continue working out through minor injuries/pain:

-Wrist issues: Only perform movements where your wrist is straight e.g knuckle push-ups and strict emphasis when holding weights. FYI this will require you use less way.·

-Knee/ankle issues: Stay away from all impact exercises. Rather than run/sprint, perform cardio strengthening finishers, like I give you in 6 Pack Abs in 56 Days, click here now to check it outo   IF squatting or lunging hurt, use a limited range of motion

Stretch your hamstrings!

Roll your quad, hamstrings and calves·

-Shoulder pain:

Eliminate overhead motions

Only press when your hands are kept lower than your chest, this will use less delts and more triceps.·

-Body just hurts: Perform Isometric (or static) movement where there is no movement e.g just holding a weight or position You are not abnormal if you have  a prior injury or chronic pain…if you don’t have any pre existing issues than you are abnormal.

Friday I will be giving you Part I of this short series – you will not want to miss it. A lot of people we know suffer from the issues I solved above and/or use them as a crutch or an excuse, let’s help them out and shut them up. Forward this email and share a link  on your facebook/twitter.

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