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Hey there..
If you are trying to get better at Golf, your time is better spent on the fitness side of golf. …..
 we work with a lot of golfers from now to late June to improve their game through our fitness program.
Here’s a video from my trainer Craig showing a key muscle activation exercise, click here.
In the video, Craig teaches a glute activation exercise, the glute bridge. Glutes are the most under rated muscle group in the body, they are deceptively strong if activated correctly.
To activate them, you literally squeeze your butt cheeks together, you can poke them with your hands to make sure they are hard…that’s it! I know that sounds silly, but if you learn to use your glutes during your swing, you will hit the ball further.
Next time you squat, even if you’re sitting down, focus on activating your glutes! This sounds weird I’m sure, but activation burns calories and works muscle…… you can get benefit from doing something you do through out the day!
There’s also way to work your abs and reduce back pain that requires very little work…no this is not an informercial for the ab belt either (which I can’t stand!! – who buys those dumb things? besides my mom & Grandma?)…eh anyway I have to run but I’ll share this 1 thing with you thursday morning.
If you are golfer, keep me posted if you were aware of glute activation and if you use it at all, or at least moving forward.
Also, let me know if you have any golf-fitness questions, I’d be happy to help
Have a great day 🙂
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