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Good Morning! 

Aside from disc and herniation issues, most low back problems can be resolved by specifically targeting your shoulders, hamstrings and glutes for this purpose. Tight glutes and hamstrings generally lead to low back issues. Additionally, as we sit all day our shoulders naturally round forward, putting more strain on our low back. 

Three Exercises to Relieve Low Back Pain
1. Isometric Row: 60 seconds. This exercise builds posterior upper back and shoulder strength. This will help you improve your posture and reduce forward shoulders
2. Good Mornings: 10 – 20 reps (depending on your fitness level). This dynamic exercise will loosen your hamstrings and build posterior CORE strength.
3. Belt/Band Hip Overs: 30 seconds each side. This exercise will stretch your glutes (you’re going to want to stay here for a bit!)

Make sure to watch the video for form and other cues! Click here

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