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Last Saturday I had a full morning than had to leave for one of my best friends weddings at 1:00 pm. As time normally goes, it was 11:30 am before I knew it and I  still had to workout.

Between getting ready (putting product in the mullet) and drive time to pick up my girlfriend I knew I had 15 minutes to workout. I was actually pumped because I always have a great workout when I use my “what ever you got” method.

My “What ever you got method.”

-Use whatever limited equipment you have available (if any).

-Pick four exercises. The idea here is to replicate what your workout would of been if you had your ideal amount of time. You will do these in one giant set.

.-Perform 8 reps of each exercise.

-No rest, just transition.

-Set timer for the amount of time you have available and kill as many total sets or rounds as possible.

How do you figure out which exercises?

Well I’m at an advantage here because I create exercises and programs for a living so there’s never a shortage for me. I would recommend going with what you know well with the equipment you have. I created “1 Hour a Week Workout,”   for busy people like you to get a killer 10 minute workout using just your bodyweight for what ever you need; getting the upper body ripped, full on metabolic crank show, building lower body strength, abs sculpting and stress meltdown.

You can check it out here. 

Remember its the workouts you can easily find excuses not to do, that you man up and plow through that make the biggest difference.

To Getting You in Awesome Shape,


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