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Last week I was talking to one of my mentors Dave Jack, Men’s Health advisor, international Reebok consultant and fellow Fitness Entrepreneur about self-gratitude.

What’s self-gratitude?

Acknowledging small and large accomplishments you have achieved.  Dave reminded me of how important this is as sometimes I personally struggle with expressing self-gratitude. I’m so focused on moving forward and doing more, I sometimes lose sight of the present…the journey.

When’s the last time you expressed self-gratitude?

A key component to mental and physical success is momentum. As proven in physics, an object in motion stays in motion. Small accomplishments will help fuel you on your ultimate journey. Remember, fitness is a life journey – not a trend or a 6-month commitment.

Start recognizing all the great, small things you do and you will build momentum that will ultimately turn into an unstoppable force.

Here are some ideas of things to recognize:

-Working out when you didn’t feel like it

-Doing 1 more rep, a few heavier lb’s…a progression – any small increase

-Drinking half your body weight in oz’s

-Turning down a sweet temptation  or drink

-Buying healthy food

-Prepping your food

-Signing up for a new workout program

-Telling a friend your goal

These are just a few things, but as you see they’re small things you are probably already doing but not acknowledging.

Humans are in perfect beings and will always be so don’t waste time getting upset about all the things you currently can’t or are not doing. Focus on small things you are accomplishing in the present and keep moving forward.

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