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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg was a child prodigy. She made her violin debut at the age of 10 with the Philadelphia Orchestra. However when she went to one of the top schools to get coaching on her skills, she wouldn’t allow it. Nadja had immense natural talent but also a lot of bad habits that she was not willing to fix. She was afraid of trying.

Everything I was going through boiled down to fear. Fear of trying and failing…if you do to an audition and don’t really try, if you’re really not prepared, if you didn’t work as hard as you could have and you don’t win, you have an excuse…nothing is harder than saying, “I gave it my all and it wasn’t good enough.”

In a fixed mindset, effort is a bad thing because you “don’t need it.” And if you put in effort and do not achieve the optimal result, it takes away your excuses.

Nadja went on to change her thinking from fixed to growth mindset and won several competitions….She made change when she still had the opportunity to – it wasn’t too late.

However at some point life catches up to us all, do you want to look back and say well if I….but I could of…I should of…or say I gave my all for all the things I valued?

Value…how much do you value your mind and body? There is nothing greater in YOUR life then YOUR mind and YOUR body. If you are neglecting either or both, everything else in YOUR life gets negatively affected.

Do you want to be uncomfortable on the beach with all your friends and family, afraid to take off your shirt?

Or worse in a doctors office wishing you were more active or ate better after receiving awful news about something?

OR, live a long and fulfilled life constantly challenging your mind and body?

Committing to a workout program for 3 months and leaving it on the table is high risk because what if you don’t lose the amount of weight or inches or no one notices any change?

If you don’t go all in, you can always make excuses; I just didn’t have enough time… I couldn’t give up my wine! It’s my life… I only live once I want to enjoy my food!

But if you give it your all, you will achieve undeniable success. The reality is its impossible not to make change to the mind and body if you commit to change in the right program.

YOU have a choice to make. You can go half-ass towards what you value or put in all your effort towards what you value.

As the old cliché goes, the only thing to fear is fear itself…its true. When you put in all your effort and passion, you have NOTHING to fear.

Get after it!

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