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Hey whats up,

Yesterday I was doing a reverse pillar today (an uncomfortable yet effective exercise) and as I was focusing on my breathing, I started to feel my elbows slide further from under me…

My heels started to slip forward…

My glutes contraction started to soften…

My breath became abnormal…rather then breathing in and out under control, I started to react to the situation…

And loss all focus…I was about to drop down and re establish my elbows & feet then I realized, that would be giving up – something I do not do.

So I took a deep breath, re-focused and held myself up for another 15 seconds, despite the discomfort and fatigued.

Right after the set, I was drinking my water and I realized how frequently this moment happens. The moment when you are past discomfort and you start to rationalize quitting.

Like when you set your alarm for 6:00 am and you know you could sleep a few extra minutes…then you start thinking you can just work out after work.

Or like when you just finish your core lifts and contemplate skipping your finisher because you’re fatigued…

Or when you didn’t have time to grocery shop, so you order a pizza before thinking about alternative options…

We could go on all day. The reality is we all face these issues day to day.The key is how YOU respond.In the “moment” you are not battling muscular fatigued…you are battling your mind. Your body is being pushed but it’s your mental toughness that gets checked.

The tough internally tell the mind to shut the hell up and focus on controlled breathing. Everyone else? They gladly listen and go along with the bogus rationalization.

Look I get it…our mind can paint some pretty dam convincing stories but YOU have to control the moment and not let the moment control you.

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