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Do this now:
Imagine someone is punching you in the stomach…….squeeze your stomach in as hard as possible ….Or, think of bringing your belly button to your spinal cord…(make sure to breath) ..what do you feel?
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Activating your core is also known as “drawing in.”
The Benefits:

  • Abs get worked! The abdominal wall hardens and forces you to stabilize. Stabilizing your core is the best way to work it, performing sit ups and crunches can be detrimental to your spine
  • Proper posture is enforced. If you suffer from low back or shoulder issues, I’d bet you either need to strengthen your core and/or stretch your hamstring & glutes. Most of us sit all day, when we sit our shoulders round forward, most the time. This puts a lot of strain on your low back and causes shoulder imbalances.
6 Opportune times to draw in:
  1. Sitting at your desk
  2. Standing in line
  3. Driving in your car
  4. Standing in the elevator
  5. Watching TV
  6. Cooking
As little and as useless as this may sound to you, it makes a huge impact.
To helping you get in awesome shape,
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