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Do you have a knee issue?
Back pain?
Nagging injury?
Did you just have surgery?
Are there things you were born with, that you were or are ever ashamed of?
My answers to all those questions in “yes.” Click here to read an article I wrote to help you overcome any obstacle.

It’s the workouts where you are most tired or dealing with pain that if you man up and go through, will get you the body you want.

To be honest, I’m just sick of hearing these excuses. We all need to accept responsibility for where we are today -this moment both physically and financially. If you’re ripped up, with a six pack – it’s your fault. If you’re 20 pounds overweight and unhealthy – its your fault….you get the point.

I understand things happen out of our control; an unusual injury or losing your job but the worst thing you or I can do is feel sorry for us and blame everything else. As we can’t control sometimes everything that happens, we can control how we react to them.

Here’s a list of common injuries/pains/shitty situations I see most people go through:

Click here

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