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Yesterday we discussed how much $ Americans spend on fast food, indicating that those habits are going to continue at least for the near future. I created this four part series to give you exactly what you need to know about the different Tiers of Fast Food.

Tier Two: Chili’s or  99 type restaurants – places with healthy menu offerings but prepackaged foods

Frequency: When this is the only option

Healthy but often loaded with preservatives and growth hormones or whatever else they are adding to foods these days

When you do:

  • Save on carbs. Rather then potatoes/rice/pasta, ask to replace with a bean or veggie based side
  • Order without sauces/dressings or at least on the side. You will be shocked at how much they give you!
·         Order popular dishes or specials , generally these will be the most fresh
You’ll also find this Tier to do some of the best marketing. Most menus here now have “healthy” or low calorie options. Low Calorie does not always mean good calories!
Tomorrow we’re going to discuss Tier 3 “When you do not have time to cook and do not feel like eating out.”

See ya tomorrow 🙂

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