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Happy Friday 🙂
So yesterday we discussed Tier II and how those popular chain restaurants are not as healthy as advertised.
Today, Tier III! “To-go” food – ordering to go from local grocery stores and upper scale or good family restaurants
Frequency: When you do not have time to cook

Some ideas: Whole made chickens from store, a bag of salad, certain grocery store buffets (mainly just whole foods), calling your favorite local restaurant ahead of time and picking up

When you do:

  • Be careful of stuff that is made to last. If you use a buffet, find out how long the food has been sitting there. Aside from Whole Foods, most grocery stores do not offer “fresh” food to go.
Same rules apply to eating out: dressing/sauces on side, protein + veggies, no bread/pastas/potatoes etc..
Your best bet here is to have a place you feel comfortable with locally that you already know the menu. Call the place before you leave the office, place the order and pick up!
This stuff may seem ground breaking or slap to the face obvious – it doesnt matter. What does matter is taking action on good choices 🙂
Next up, the last Tier!  Homemade fast food baby! – premade food that you cooked and stored in fridge or freezer for later use
Check your mail sunday morning, the next email will hopefully inspire you to take an hour or two, and save some money cooking preparing some healthy, homemade fast food!
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