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Not like you need my permission or anything, but I’m telling ya you can eat Fast Food if you go about it the right way.
Like in anything, there’s the good and the bad, the things that can happen a once in a while and the habitual things you should always do.

My Fast Food Survival Guide

Americans are spending HALF of their food dollars on meals purchased outside of the home yet complain about not having money to spend on eating right and on their fitness!

I’ve broken down Fast Food into four tiers

  1. Traditional hamburgers or tacos, greasy french fries, and cola
  2. Chili’s or  99 type restaurants – places with healthy menu offerings but prepackaged foods
  3. “To-go” food – ordering to go from local grocery stores and upper scale or good family restaurants
  4. Homemade fast food baby! – premade food that you cooked and stored in fridge or freezer for later use
In the next few days, I’m going to share with you exactly what you need to know about each Tier and how to best handle the situation in each Tier.
Today, we’re going to look at Tier #1

Tier One: The traditional fast food places that serve hamburgers or tacos, greasy french fries, and colas

Frequency: You should not be able to count on your fingers OR even remember how many times you ate this type of food in the past year

When you do:

    1. Do not order value meals
    2. Save on the drink
    3. Opt for grilled chicken variation
    4. Ask for No cheese OR no bun
    5. Ask for Extra veggies

What to Order when Eating Fast Food

But first, understand that you are eating at a fast food. This is real life, not a deceptive fast food commercial promising high quality food. Look, any full meal that costs less than $7 and can be made in two minutes is not a good option. Most these grades of meats and cheeses are the lowest! Good luck finding

sprout bread options too – the breads are flat out processed carbs or “wheat” aka “dyed processed carbs.”

With all that said, life happens and if you end up at one of these fast food joints, I want you to be prepared! On a side note, I left the nutritional part of the fast food website next to the name. When you get a minute, take a look – you’ll be grossed out!


Chick-fil-a makes it easy to understand what is in each food item.  Their nutrition facts can be read as if you are looking at a food label…look at the % RDA. A plus for chick-fil-a, you can now swap out the fries for fresh fruit–yeah somebody gets it!

Best option: Chargrilled Fruit OR Garden Salad with Chicken and NO cheese



These meats are loaded with sodium so be aware! Overall healthiest meat available is their oven roasted chicken.

Best Option: Oven Roasted Chicken Salad with oil for dressing



Beware of Hardees new low carb items, although low in carbs, the fat content in the low carb thickburger(lettuce burger), the low carb chicken club have a n amazing 24-50 grams of fat.

Best option: Low Carb it – Charbroiled Chicken club w no cheese or bacon



Get the skinny on Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Menu items.  One of there better looking meals is the Oven Roasted Strips Meal: 3 Oven Roasted Strips, Green Beans, Seasoned Rice.  Only 7 grams of total fat, but be careful this meal is loaded with 100% of your daily recommended intake of Sodium.



Any Salad, Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Wraps  would work, right? Not so fast! While these options may lack in total calories, their sodium calories are through the roof!

Best options: Caesar Salad with Chicken OR Plane Hamburger



Scary sodium counts in salads and chicken options! Avoid the Ranch and Zesty Onion dip at all cost…15 grams of fat per serving.

Best Option: Hamburger with lettuce and tomatoes



Beware of any beverage that contains the words crème’ or whip those words equate to high fat and 100-200 more calories per 16oz drink.  Topping that list is the Strawberries and Crème’ Frap Grande(16oz) with whip at 580 calories and 17g of fat or the White Hot Chocolate with whip at 580 calories and 28g of fat.

Best option: KIND bar, black coffee or overpriced raw almonds


Taco Bell

Total fat calories for two regular beef tacos with a regular side of nachos and cheese is a whopping 39 grams of fat.  Your daily recommended is typically 68 grams or less.

Best option: Fresco Crunchy Taco



Think twice about ordering the Homestyle Chicken Strip Salad, it has 22 grams of fat without the dressing, add 1 packet of ranch dressing and pack a total of 45 grams of fat into one sitting.  Or for that matter, any wrap or chicken sandwhich both of which are loaded with sodium.

Best option: Garden Salad with a Jr. Hamburger patty or grilled chicken filet. The baked  potatoe with a Jr. Hamburger patty or grilled chicken filet is not a bad option for early evening munchies but be careful at night!

Stay tuned for Tier #2 🙂
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