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A few weeks ago I interviewed my good friend Ryan Munsey from Below is the transcript of our short yet powerful interview, READ the whole thing and share with friends!


ME: What’s going down in Virginia?


Ryan: Hustling! Busy as ever helping my athletes get game ready and recently started of helping a lot of business professionals – all while searching for my own Warehouse space!


ME: Ah man, boy do I know and love that grind! You said you recently started working with business professionals, what do you find as their biggest challenge?


Ryan: I think most people are afraid to build strength…they want to “tone up” or “get ripped” but are afraid that building muscle will make them into a power lifter or just make them bulky.


ME: Yes, I hear that often. For those people who might be reading this, what’s some advice you could give on building strength for definition v.s bulk?


Ryan: Well, think of a long distance runner and a sprinter. Running/sprinting  aside, look at their body composition. The runner is skinny (often you can see bones) and very little muscle definition where as the sprinter is defined from head to toe.


This is no accident. Runners do very little strength training in fear of the extra weight slowing them down. As a result, they will have a higher body fat percentage even though they weigh much less. Body fat and lean muscle are inversely related; e.g more body fat, less muscle, more muscle, less body fat. In addition to sprints, the sprinter performs strength training. The strength training gives him defined arms and abs as well as supports his body to move freely without pain at low risk for injury


ME: Great example. Wouldn’t ya say the root of this perception is America’s obsession with the scale and weighing ourselves, not strength training?


Ryan: Exactly. If you are looking at the scale and ONLY judging by weight, the runner would have the better body. Muscle does weigh more then fat, there’s no way around that. So as you build muscle, even you are dropping body fat, your weight may or may not drop.


ME: Agreed. My team and I are actually doing a youtube video Thursday where we will be talking about this and taking a sledge hammer to the scale. A bit extreme but people need to either do the same or throw the scale out!


I find that when people are focused on weight, their emotions fluctuate on a dangerous level; highs off of 2 lbs lost and lows off of no difference or even plus 1 lb.


Ryan: Yea and the worse part is that emotional struggle is only over WATER! Less then 5 lbs a week is typically weight loss or gain. The best way to measure change is by taking circumference measurements around your arm, waist, hip and thighs.


ME: Well said. Another great way to measure is by performance metrics; ability to do a movement better (better form and with ease) and lift more weight. Speaking of which, what are your two best strength exercises?


Ryan: Ah man – there are many! But I have to go with the Squat and Deadlift.


ME: Classics. Could you give my audience a progression sequence you use for each?


Ryan: Sure thing!



Level 1: Bodyweight: Start facing the wall (toes about two inches from  wall) and sit back

Level 2: Goblet Squat: Hold a kettlebell level with your chest while squatting.

Level 3: Barbell Squats: Place barbell it on your back and squat.

Level 4: Front Squats: Place barbell across your upper chest and squat.



Level 1: Bodyweight Hip Hinge: Stand about 5 inches facing away from the wall, while keeping your chest upright, with a slight bend in your knees, push your butt to the wall then push through your hips to an upright posture.

Level 2: Kettlebell Swing OR Broad Jump OR Band Good Mornings

Level 3: Dumbbell Roman Deadlift

Level 4: Trap Bar Deadlift

Level 5: Barbell Deadlift


ME: Awesome! Thanks bro. I love the progression sequences, no matter where you are at, you can find a starting point on the sprectrum for each exercise – no excuses!


How can people find out more about you?


Ryan: That’s right! Can check me out at


ME: Munsey, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you bro!


Ryan: Than you man – have a good one!

Ryan Munsey –


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