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I don’t watch a lot of tv, maybe 30-60 minutes a night then all day sundays (when I can) watching football but in that little time, I (you) are bombarded with political ads – that all suck. 

Regardless of what they say, all I hear is:

Senator, Governor, Candidate, President or “___________”(insert title ,doesn’t matter) bullshit bullshit bullshit bullishit bullshit (making false promises that rarely happen). “___________”(insert his/her opponent) bullshit bullshit bullshit (true/false/who knows/cares attacks towards opponent). 


I know people who know so much about politics would rebut my statement and say: Easy for you to say. He/she has the “intentions” but needs to listen to his/her party.


Here’s what I know:

We are sick of hearing about how whoever is running will deal with the hot issues in politics. We want results. We want change (wasnt “change” promised btw?)

We are sick of political ads in general…flooding our networks 

The fact that the minute a President gets elected, his/her opposition party tears them down is utterly shameful. Aren’t we the UNITED States of America? Yet our political parties fight like teenage girls – constantly and very little changes.

Here’s what I recommend:

I am an overly optimistic person and only talk about negatives when I can find a way to make it positive or if its something I have to face and overcome. I’m no politician but here’s my advice:

Rather than spend millions of dollars on TV ads (and trust me, these ads cost millions) talking about bullshit and attacking opponents….take that money and start making change. Rather than give out millions of dollars worth of iPhones or spending millions on pointless ads talking about how his/her opposition didnt attend all his/her senate meetings and was playing golf instead. Use that money to CREATE jobs by helping small businesses (rather than taxing them to the bone, so they can HIRE) OR create projects that will better our environment that create jobs. 

A natural rebuttal I suspect I’d hear is (which is down right ignorant and dumb): Then how will he/she get his/her name out there to get votes?

Like EVERYTHING else now a days: SOCIAL MEDIA.

Guess what, if you do good on a small scale – people will talk.

If you do good on a big scale (which is completely possible with their funding that is currently being used for ads), millions will talk and hear about it.

And how this relates to Fitness, Nutrition and Living The Life You Desire

Simple. Stop talking about what you want or what you are going to do and just freaaaaaaking DO IT!

Let’s come together and get our message out that we don’t need change, we DEMAND it. Forward this email to friends/co workers/family members/anyone on your email list and have more conversations on what needs to be done.

The more people start talking about our eagerness to actually SEE change, the quicker we can start facing it as a country…OR I should say as a world.


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