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Wednesday is the day I answer one question from one of my many, awesome subscribers and today’s question is:

Hey, I really like your videos but I have a really random question. I started working out about a month ago. I lift weights but mostly cardio…I jog and run. Honestly, I never felt so amazing. However, since working out and changing my diet I can’t sleep! I’ve always had the ability to sleep well but now I can’t. I get up all throughout the night. Help: (

James Scott

James, I’m glad you like my videos, it truly means a lot. Congrats on your new exercise routine…I LOVE hearing people take action to improve their bodies. 

3 Things Effect Sleep With Regards to Working Out

1. Working out late at night then trying to go to sleep shortly after

2. Lack of intense resistance training.

3. Over-Training

Working out late at night then trying to go to sleep shortly after

There is nothing wrong with working out at night. As far as the “best” time to workout, it’s whichever time you can commit to on a regular base. If the night time is best for you, keep it going. However, your body needs time to decompress before sleeping. Whether coming home from work or the gym, you need to let the mind settle before falling right to sleep.

Consider the following for after your workout:

  • Post workout nutrition: Get your shake in
  • Shower 🙂 (not saying you currently are not showering, but just making sure)
  • Clear your head by reviewing your day, write down things you are thinking about and plan ahead to tomorrow
  • Do something that relaxes you for an hour: Watch TV, talk to someone, play w your kids, read a fun book, play video games etc,…

Personally, my days are very long and I expend a TON of energy motivating people and growing my businesses ….two things I LOVE! However, at the end of the day I do not like to talk it up…ask any girlfriend I’ve ever had. I prefer to make my meals for tomorrow as I watch Sports Center or Two and a Half Men or The Office  (old re-runs, both new series are awful) , clear my head by reviewing my daily journal and planning out my day for tomorrow, then lay in bed and watch something entertaining or interesting e.g Board Walk Empire, South Park, Restaurant Impossible OR anything on the history channel. 


Lack of Intense Resistance Training

I often talk about the correlation between sleep and intense resistance training while speaking at corporations as busy professionals often do not sleep well. Muscles are meant to be stressed, not just used. You (we) use muscle for every daily movement but our muscles are custom to these movements…meaning you (we) are not taxing these muscles at all.

If muscles are not taxed, they do not need recovery and when they do not need recovery, they will have a harder time shutting down. If your muscles are up, you’ll have a hard time falling asleep.

Put your body in a recovery state by daily intense, resistance training! When you work your muscles at high intensities, your muscles will need to rest over night for proper recovery.

For a easy to follow muscle building blue print you can do in as little as 10 minutes a day, anywhere, without equipment and for people of all fitness levels, check out my 1 Hour a Week Workout.

Over Training

One symptom of over training is sleep deprivation. Ask yourself:

Are you giving your muscles sufficient rest in between workouts?

Are you taking in enough calories?

Specifically are you taking in enough Carbs for all the cardio you are doing?

Are you over taxing the same muscle and or muscle groups by doing too much volume?

REM sleep is VERY important for proper health and achieving the body you deserve. Make sure to get 6-8 hours a night.


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