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I have heard in other parts of the States that schools and sports teams are taking away “winners” and “losers,” and preaching “every one win” “IT will all work out!” “ITs okay yay woo hoo xoxox :).” 

That concept makes me want to vomit.

You can not be ignorant to reality – there ARE winners and losers and no safety blanket or generic medal for you in real life. Life is not fair and often things happen unexpectantly….to coddle kids or even adults is shameful because it sets them up for a reality bitch slap at some point that they may or may not ever be able to recover from.

We need to be held accountable…. If you make a mistake, own it. 

We need to stop making excuses…in this past week, my mac book hard drive crashed, iphone 4s shit the bed (wtf Apple?), my video camera battery charger went missing (aka I lost it) and it so happens its on back order everywhere..all this in addition to a ton of other random things. Now I could blame Apple, Cannon or what ever else but its not on them, its on me to man up and find a way around those obstacles.

Granted those issues above are NOTHING compared  to situations others are in but the underlining point in it all is that crying about losing and about things not going right will get you no where.

To paraphrase a passage from the book Who Moved My Cheese:

Only focus on the things you can control. Nothing else is worth spending energy on

Is that what you want to hear when something horrible goes wrong, out of nowhere? Of course not, but its the mentality we have to adapt.

One of my top performing clients, Kathy shared with me some struggles she was going for but through it all, she vowed to not let it disrupt her fitness. She is finding a way…the woman is doing wall sits when brushing her teeth!

Or on a bigger scale, my buddy Bosh who is paralyzed from the neck down..who has more optimism and work ethic than 90% of fully functional people I know…and its not because it comes natural to him – nothing about being paralyzed randomly upon graduating from college is natural…Bosh chooses a positive  outlook. Check out his FB page

Look we all bitch and complain sometimes, but catch yourself in the moment and put it in perspective. 

Attitude is a choice…and if you choose to be positive through out, work hard and learn from mistakes, there will be much more good then bad.

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