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I’m not getting into details about Hulk’s mess here, as I’m sure you heard all ready and if ya haven’t, google can fill you in.

 My point here is in the early 90s this guy was on top of the world; amazing shape (which we now know was assisted w/ steroid use), a beautiful family, making millions of dollars and on top of his industry…

 Fast forward today; in and out of court with an awful divorce and a man slaughter case, still trying to earn a living in wrestling as a 58 year old man who has been throwing his body around for 35 plus years…who I’m sure has to deal with pain to just get out of bed and now with this whole sex scandal.

Who would of thought?

Not me..Growing up I use to idolize the man…And I’m sure he never had any idea how bad things were going to get for him…

 Which brings me to my point; where DO you want body and life to be in 15 years?

 Where DID you want your body and life to be like 15 years ago?

 Take time and answer these questions…once you do, do the same for 10 years, 5 years, 2 years and 6 months.

 Then compare both sides: How close to where you wanted to be or feel like, are you?

 I believe that out of misery and destruction there is always opportunity for growth. I’m not sure where you are currently at, but I’d venture to bet its nowhere near as bad as Hulk’s situation. Let’s learn from his mistakes.

 Once you have clarity and direction, time will slow down and allow you to make conscious decisions on where you want to be and what you want to do.

 And for the record, despite all of Hulk’s recent horrrrrrrrrrrrrible decisions…I feel bad for the guy and still respect him for what he did to the Wrestling Entertainment Industry.


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