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If you were going to buy something, let’s say a yogurt, what would be more appealing to you; 95% Fat Free or 5% Fat?

The interesting part here is that both mean the exact same thing, yet we perceive them both completely different. Anything Fat Free sounds healthier than anything Fat.

Most often our sub conscious mind makes decisions based on things by the frame or context in which it was presented to us, which can be a good or a bad thing.

A good thing if we can manipulate that fact into things we don’t necessarily love doing and framethose actions in a more positive light….and bad if we frame things in a way that prevent us from taking action.

Here are some examples using the most common excuses I hear in Fitness & Nutrition. For each example, I give you the rational below it.

I can’t eating takes too much time v.s I take 1 hour every sunday and 10 minutes each night to prep my healthy meals.

*If in the right program, you have 1 hour on a sunday (or your slowest day) and 10 minutes a night…sure you might need to replace sleeping until noon on sunday OR watching the X Factor everynight, but the time is there!

I don’t have time to work out v.s Whether I have 5 minutes or 30, I find a way to workout

*You are not busy every second of every day…and if that was the case, wake up 10 minutes earlier to get your workouts in (just 10 minutes works? Yup – check out The 1 Hour a Week Workout) The reality is all you need is a few minutes, your body and the right program!

Cardio helps me lose weight v.s cardio makes me fat

*This is a tough one for people to swallow but its true…slow state cardio helps you lose weight but you end up losing muscle, not fat…its the muscle loss that shows up on the scale. As you lose muscle, you gain body fat and visa versa. If you take cardio for what it is (ineffective unless you are training for a long distance event), you will put your body into a more effective program such as a mix of high intensity cardio with resistance training.

I can’t afford investing in a coach to help me with my fitness & nutrition v.s I can’t afford not to invest in a coach to help me with my fitness & nutrition, my health is invaluable.

*Much like the time example above, if you actually track and look at your expenses monthly, you will find areas you can budget more effectively to invest in your body; cutting out daily Starbucks, weekly (or monthly) clothes shopping, weekly dinner dates etc,.There certainly is a place for spending money on yourself and going out to dinner, but it should not be at the expense of your body.

YOUR Take Away

Framing happens on a daily base, more times than you’d ever imagine. While its almost impossible to correctly frame EVERY decision, don’t let the most important decisions, those regarding your health get framed wrong.

Earlier above I gave you a link for The 1 Hour a Week Workout, I created this product for people who have very busy schedules and feel like they have no extra time…everything from prepping food, to grocery shopping, to sitting at your desk, to working out etc., are covered with proven solutions to help you get on track and seeing results.

I say it all the time and its true, if you don’t change your approach…nothing will change.


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