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 You need to understand that eating healthy is not difficult (assuming you have a blueprint to follow), it just takes planning and leverage.

The problem is we perceive this whole eating healthy movement as some huge ordeal. Imagine prepping two dozen hard boiled eggs, five servings of chicken, salad, cutting veggies, making chili and cooking chicken sausages….

That would take forever, right?

WRONG! I mean like anything, attacking something without a plan will always take longer. But today I’m going to show you how to properly leverage your meal planning in just one hour time…using the the menu above.

1. Spend 20 minutes grocery shopping: To be efficient here you will need a list!

2. Start your chili: For a full recipe, check out a video I did the other day here 

3. Fire up the grill

4. Get the water boiling for the eggs

5. Put the sausages and chicken on the grill

6. Start cutting veggies

7. Once the water boils, add the eggs in

8. Spend the rest of your time doing the following:

-Putting organic greens into tubber ware

-Checking stove and grill

-Cutting veggies

-Checking stove and grill

9. Once the proteins are done, add them to the tubber ware long with the veggies.

10. Once the chili is done, potion into tubber ware for later in the week or in the near future (freeze with a date on it).

*Its implied that you turn off the stove and grill when done 🙂

And there ya go…

Rock science? Not at all….but are you doing it?

What I showed you above takes 60 minutes or less. You are lying if you don’t have that time…somewhere;

-Wake up earlier

-Use your slowest day

-Do this when the house hold is sleeping at night

-Recruit family

Are you lost without a meal plan and grocery list to follow? If so, respond back and let me know!


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